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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Miami Beach and Tropical Storm Noel

Very very very windy in Miami today...

Took my lunch, walked over to the beach and stood around with other people taking pictures and watching wind surfers having a blast

Beautiful. Will post later.

Listening to the wind... watching loops and waiting to see what Noel is going to do..

Trust me.. the winds here have picked up tremendously, violent gusts slamming into the house from the East :) Then it dies down.. then SLAM, WHAM... wild.

Have to take a shower, coated with salt and every time I lick my lips it's salty. I put my finger to my lips earlier... was salty, what a lunch break.. the beach was as poetic as it gets.

I was standing there snapping a picture looking south and water rushed in around my ankles... I giggled.

There's also man of war on the beach blown in on the northeasterly breeze... umm wind.

Flag was blowing wildly, that would be the high wind warning flag I suppose...

Stay tuned...


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