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Friday, September 21, 2007

Quick Bites.. Tropical and Topical and Blessings

Okay let's try this again.....typed it once, I can type it again!

Subtropical Ten is forming in the Gulf... but first I want to say something here...

First off I want to thank all my friends for their help in my life..and I want to ask forgiveness if well.. I have pissed off anyone in the past year knowingly or unknowingly. That is what we do before Yom Kippur...

We ask for forgiveness for God and from our friends. So...forgive me, as I forgive you.. please.

As for the Tropics... the system in the gulf is going to cause MISERY for many residents along the Florida Panhandle and Gulf Coast in the area where it is moving towards the shore. And, yes I wrote it like that on purpose because in systems like this that are not small hurricanes you can sometimes have MORE MISERY because damage is felt along a wider area. A few years ago for instance, and forgive me for not remembering the name of it.. too much to do to google.. a storm came ashore in one town and miles to the east somewhere south of Tallahassee some small town got flooded badly. The water wells up as it moves slowly towards the shore in that part of the Gulf and it has to go somewhere... usually flooding the area with a sort of storm surge even if the storm is not a hurricane. Next... Twisters are a big threat ANYWHERE weather happens or pops up from this system so please, please KEEP YOUR WEATHER RADIOS ON and set for alarm in case the worst does happen.

With a name, without a name or be it Tropical or Subtropical... the damage is the same. What difference does 5mph sustained winds make? What is really in a name. There is weather out there, warnings probably will go up and damage will be felt.

In the Atlantic.. Ingrid is finally dead it seems and we in the Southeast Coast owe a BIG debt of gratitude to the combined effects of Upper Level Lows and Shear that has batted away any chance of a land falling system from the ESE... SO FAR... keep watching.

In the Caribbean there is a cluster of convection and anywhere a cluster persists... watch it.

On a personal level... to two strange men and their very strange friend.. may you all have a year of blessings, kindness, joy, money, HEALTH, happiness and positivity. May you always use your profits from your productivity for goodness and to make the world a better place for you, your family, your friends and the world around you! To... others who know who they are whether they are in Oklahoma, Canada, Smallville or Virginia... may you find love and peace in your lives.

It is true... daughters do resemble their mothers in ways and as they grow older, wiser, up... out... in all ways they look like their mothers. You don't see it at 14 when you look at that lady who is 44 that she really birthed this little baby but she did and ... hopefully at 44 the dear cute adorable hot sexy baby will also look like a mature, beautiful, charming, Sexy Hot Mama! It's amusing when people say to me "Dina looks so much like you" and that's nice.. that's good, Dina is beautiful but I hope and pray when she is my age she will look good, she will take care of herself and feel as young then as she does now. I try, we all try.. we have to be role models to our children and their friends. If I can look and feel young, fit into my daughter's clothing still and worry that they stole my favorite skirt (borrowed) then good.. maybe they will take care of themselves over time, learn more about good health, positivity and smiling... the wonderful skill of smiling and enjoying the sunrise, the sunset and the flowers along the way. It is so easy as time goes by, we have children, we have stress, we have problems to not take care of ourselves and often a woman at 40 or 50 looks in the mirror and can't figure out what happened to that young, beautiful, girl of 18 and frankly it's depressing, distressing and self-esteem goes down and down... and down.

One of the best books I ever read was a long time ago by Elizabeth Taylor on weight loss and she showed pictures of how as we gain weight we slowly stop taking care of ourselves. we put on baggy clothes, big hats, big purses til we hide behind things and if you compare the pictures of before and after you will see what I mean. And... it's true...

Maybe my generation tries harder.. be it Oprah always trying to stay svelte or Sally Field looking absolutely fantastic at any age.

So...let's go back to Sally. Yes, she talks a lot. So do I... BUT.........she looks incredible and I am sure if you look close with no make up she doesn't look 35 but with make up, a smile... spirit she still does even though she is 60ish? Amazing. And, what she was trying to say was HOW IMPORTANT MOTHERS are..and how hard they work and well... part of what we have to do the most is be a role model for our daughters (and sons) if I want my daughters to grow up, be confident, be cheerful, be beautiful and take care of themselves into their 40s, 50s and beyond.. I have to too!

Maybe Smiling comes naturally to me.. I don't know, but if I can give a smile ..which costs me nothing, I can see a smile in return. And, if Carlos lol or one of the guys at works teases me how good I look in the morning... it makes me smile, it makes me giggle and makes me feel alive.

We all need to feel alive.. we all need the Gift of Life this Yom Kippur but what we need MOST after we get it ENJOY IT!

I read in a prayer book on Rosh Hashanah in Key West that it is sort of a sin to not enjoy the beauty around you... beautiful smiles, beautiful people, beautiful picket fences with little purple flowers poking through and the sunrise in the morning and the sunset at night and the feel of rain on your face.

So... to all my friends in Cyber Land... take care of yourselves.. physically and spiritually, intellectually and emotionally and do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.

Give a Smile!

Love and Blessings..


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