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Monday, September 24, 2007

Cape Verde Wave ... next REAL storm??

There is a beautiful Cape Verde Wave forming far out in the Tropical Atlantic off the Cape Verde Islands and moving west north west across the Atlantic.

Beautiful. Really.

Watch it spin and spin and spin:

So I've been a bit of a brat and not posted for 2 days. Decided to hold my temper the last few days so that I don't go on a long, boring (but appropriate) rant about Humberto and Jerry......and not wanting to discuss the Fins game for which there are no words that could be used to describe the need for mediocre and how inured we have become here in Miami... I decided to just not post yesterday and wait for something worthy of speaking about.

After a really wonderful, beautiful, sweet inspirational email worthy of much smiling for the rest of my day... I received a Heads Up from the highest hurricane expert I know lol :) to take a look at the Cape Verde Wave I've been hoping would develop.

I looked. Smiling, I'm still smiling.


Know most Cape Verdes go quietly out to sea after dancing their way across the Atlantic but they are the most beautiful storms out there... lots of running room, room to breathe, to kick up their heels and spin... and spin and spin...

The REAL Thang!

So.. heads up to all of you and you and you that somewhere out in the far off Atlantic a Cape Verde Storm is forming!!

A REAL Storm.

Besos Bobbi
(was told once if I don't have anything good to say.. don't say anything at all.. so only my brother Jay knows how I really feel about other stuff lol) Inure, look it up..


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