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Friday, June 15, 2007

Will A Tropical Storm Chantal Develop in the NW Carib?

Oh I don't know.

I sort of waited all day to post this so that I could have a better handle on the annoying not very picture perfect tropical system down there that the NAVY site NRL has on "invest" and the NHC decided not to fly into today.

I mean it's there..they did say it needed to simmer for 48 hours but no one in tropical weather understands the phrase simmer..they all want something to go to flash boil right away.

Not sure... it looked like crap yesterday and this morning worse.
This afternoon it looks much better....
Flhurricane has a good graphic up that does point to the real spot we are looking at.. specifically:

This model has it pretty much hitting Tampa but as what? good view...

This loop is good to watch because it sort of slices through everything and shows the real story:

Good board, good post... make sure you donate to keeping these sites like and going. They are not government sponsored but private sites helping so many people and they are not wasting ANY of your government dollars :) so make sure you donate and thank them for their very hard work and very long hours they both put in.

Bottom line.. watching. Keep watching..have a gut feeling something will happen tomorrow morning, what I am not sure.

Shaboos? chicken and yellow rice, what else? salads, challah... gonna open a nice bottle of wine and wondering on what key west will be like on sunday... or Orlando where my youngest son Zalmy is with my brother and his family.

Keep watching... I will, you will... we all will.

Over and out, good shabbos Bobbi


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