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Monday, June 11, 2007

Will the Wave regroup & MUST WATCH Hurricane Song on You Tube :)

Enjoy the video.. more thoughts below...

im laughing too hard to figure out how to post it properly

so funny

remember.. humor is an important coping mechanism for living in hurricane country ;)

(probably will get crucified by someone for thinking this is beyond hysterical)

and no.. not all video is from andrew but is from hurricanes (i think) and well..

great video, funny...should be included in weather weenies hall of fame!!!

if i know those boys from online i may go dunk my head in a bucket of water and hide


Oh... I still think the wave in the Atlantic has potential as the bottom of the wave is sneaking under the shear/trough and will emerge in an area under a high being pushed west bound and may have more chances of development than the last wave that made it to the islands... got to watch those sneaky waves, really..

Okay, graphic above is from the invest that is the old Cape Verde Wave ... note models didn't lose it and it bends back under the pressure of the high. If part of the wave can maintain itself and regroup.. is something to watch.

Meanwhile.......listen to the song :) again

laughter is the best medicine!


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