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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Waves to Watch Miami Is Beautiful Today my son just told his co-workers..

"sun's out, blue skies and I'm not working today"

I guess he is thinking BEACH..

Well he will work if there is some screw up somewhere with his business but short of a screw up I can smell BBQ and the Beach in his mind.

We are cleaning here ..sort of a summer cleaning. Then I am going out to dinner with a friend :) After a good long shower or bath.

As for the waves.. we are watchin' watchin' watchin'

Are you watchin' ???

Beautiful link someone posted online at hurrcity, nice dark ball of moisture down in the carib, thank you mr K for the far eastern atlantic.. oh we are watchin

Wave has moved a bit WNW though which is never a good sign to make it across... the ones that make it across sort of "dip" south a bit before continuing west but what does this June Wave know about what Cape Verde Waves are supposed to do because it didn't read the user manual clearly... it ain't supposed to be there at all..

chow for now, see you later...

summer, wow... really beautiful outside
enjoy it while you can


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