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Friday, June 01, 2007

Tropical Storm Barry Bursts onto the scene.. Hello 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Amazing beginning to the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Barry bursts onto the scene going straight from Tropical Disturbance status to the Real Thing after recon finds winds and pressures worthy of being a Tropical Storm born on the 1st Day of the Season!

Explosive little storm struggling to intensify.

Surprise of all surprises... instead of barely hanging in there Barry is showing convective bursts closer to the center and in my opinion pulling right of forecasted track or trying to..

Recon has found stronger winds now then earlier and waiting to see if they will upgrade Barry conservatively by 5mph at his next advisory.

Look at that explosion of white just over the center and slightly to the right of it. Also, there is a bigger white ball on visible around the storm..

Good Call by NHC.. definitely not Just a Depression and very definitely Tropical not sub-tropical.

Impressive. Really impressive.

Would have been easy to laugh this off as some Tropical Storm Media Hype with nothing to support it but nah.. he's the real thing. Not a big, bad hurricane but definitely a Tropical Storm on the very first official day of the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

What a start.. what a crazy start for all of us to this season and oh what a season it will be.

Personally, a little curious about what is going on down around 82w and 20n as it looks like a secondary little swirl is down there and the moisture is hanging around.

However.. if Barry strengthens that may look different later today.

Got to admit I was skeptical. Questioned whether it was truly tropical, but as that band on the south side began to wrap and it developed a real circular tail... and the recon showed low pressures worthy of a name... well..


Unreal, so wild.. really wild as I watch TWC... listen on the radio and watch the rain fall down outside my window and well .. it's getting windy.

If you ask me... Bottom Line? Barry is intensifying!
And...think he will come in on the right side of the Cone lower rather than higher...

Stay tuned..

Waiting to see what the big boys say at NHC.

Pouring in Miami and getting windier.

Made BBQ Chicken, Sweet Potatoes and Red Potatoes and an "easy shabbos"
Salads, stuff... big splurge was making morrocan carrots..

Welcome to the 2007 Hurricane Season..hang in there, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Bobbi :)


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