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Friday, June 08, 2007

Tropical Cholent

Cholent is a stew often cooked before Shabbos and put on a low flame or in an oven and keeps on cooking while you sleep on Friday night so that on Saturday when you aren't supposed to cook (the sabbath a day of rest) you have a nice hot meal. What people did before the advent of the crock pot and disposable cooking wear I don't know but in our day and age we put up things in a crock pot and let them simmer, cook and by Shabbos afternoon it comes together. Makes a great late breakfast treat and or late night snack it seems if you ask my older boys. Oh.. it's a combination of a lot of things. Like a Jewish Kosher Gumbo, no crawfish.

So.... this post is a mishmash of stuff that can sit and simmer over the next few days.

Not much happening tropically. Weather in the Bahamas but not deemed important enough to talk about by the NHC who is on their answering machine mode of "no tropical development expected..."

There is a wave some desperate people are watching but there is also an upper level low and conditions are not favorable.

Shear is decreasing.

Some models shows that system in the Bahamas works its way down to Cuba and then comes back up as something tropical.. keep watching.

The sun is playing peek a boo here in Miami, so we may dry up.

A log of gefilte fish is on the stove cooking and making the house smell very good but soon it will be put in the fridge while I go to work.

Have to make a list of what to make for Shabbos. Shepherd's Pie maybe or Sweet and Sour Meatballs..haven't decided. I do have meat for the cholent though so we are that much ahead of the game and a log of cooked fish. Need babaganush.

I'm going to work. I am going to print out some articles on or written by Kerry Emanuel because I am annoyed and want to figure out why he gets the last word on everything enivornmental. I mean is he just hawking books and building his career or is he deeply, passionately concerned about the environment. Inquiring minds want to know and my mind is very inquiring.. it is why I work as a librarian when I could make more teaching but I do love inquiring and helping students learn more, etc.. etc.

Anyways... tired, restless, not feeling great and fighting off some bug or something and at the moment better that my annoyance is aimed at Kerry Emmanuel than other residents of Boston when they aren't on the road somewhere cause I am pissed at someone right now and why?? not sure but it's usually a sign they are up to something. Either way it is no longer my concern so let them rip up someone else's world and use it as fodder for their creative fuel. My shop is closed. Hanging a sign that says "Gone Fishin" (hahaha if you are reading this)

Anyway.............. watch the tropics, enjoy the weather, stay out of trouble this weekend and don't worry, be happy...

Good Shabbos Bobbi
Ps... Redsox won last night but was very sad to have that no hitter be lost in the last inning like that, can't believe it... great game but oh what a heartbreaking inning for one of the best pitchers around.


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