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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Summer in Miami 81 Degrees @ 7 AM

That's my definition of summer.

That's when you know it's all over and humidity is going to win out.

It's some turning point in our weather landscape... happens suddenly too.

One day it's cool in the morning day it's not.

You look up at the clock on the bank building on Lincoln Road that has been there forever telling Miami Beach people what time and temperature it is and it is SCREAMING "Summer" right now. As my nephew would say "stop mocking me!!!" (okay he is a little paranoid but.. that's the feeling)

Tropical Round up...

Showers in the Eastern Gulf and the Florida Straits hanging over the lower Keys and draped across South Florida (dark out there, probably gonna pour) and noticed on the water vapor loop those showers yesterday popped over Havana and flew across the Straits to the Keys... saying a lot about the Keys and less about Havana.

Models supposedly talk about something in the Bahamas maybe if you like Tim's model on HurrCity... nogaps hints, whispers..

Personally, I think the area just south of Cuba is ripe for development. Shear is less there than anywhere and if some wandering wave managed to find it's way there and sit a day or two until shear weakens more to it's north something could form but that's a long shot. Still..worth watching if you ask me.. the area already spawned Barry so it's hot to trot.

Gonu was very interesting and will be studied a lot over time, strongest storm in that region in a long time.. sure the Global Warming People will run with it for at least one touchdown this year. I'm wondering how that any wierdness there will affect the African Pipe Line of Tropical Waves as some of us are watching Africa closely this year.

Talked to my friend, my special friend... about weather yesterday, specifically Cape Verde storms.. was sort of like talking Hurricane Porn (had to be there and no I did NOT save those text messages) All real hurricane trackers obsess on Cape Verde storms and watch for good healthy, strong, wet waves but... truth is most are fickle and few and far between actually make it to the US coast as landfalling storms. But still they watch, still they wonder.. will this be the year of another Hugo, or Donna or Fran or.... some long tracking, beautifully formed hurricane with a perfect eye, perfect bands, spinning, moving wnw into a coastal region near you this September.. or August.

Stay tuned.

Redsox lost last night. I had avocado sushi for dinner with spicy sauce and I am going to work where I will on occasion peak down at the Straits and the Caribbean just in case something, somewhere pops up.

Just remember.. it's summer in the city.. hot hot hot.

Might take a thermometer over to the Ocean at lunch and dip it in and keep it there a few minutes and see what Bobbi's unofficial water temps are for South Beach ;)


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