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Friday, June 01, 2007

Start of 2007 Hurricane Season - If in Florida.. BUY NOW.

Link to watch while thinking on what hurricane supplies to stock up on.

Hi... quick notes because I am very pressed for time and because the situation is very fluid with regard to our friendly area of convection down in the Caribbean.. or maybe near the tip of Cuba, maybe entering the Gulf.. some say they saw something on long range Key West Radar.

Getting to be like Pin the Tail on the Tropical Depression... if there is one? Or the Eye..

Right now it's rain...lots of it, pouring on my patio at work, down through ficus trees, onto the lawn furniture forming little puddles on the ground.

It's cool... way too cool for this to be summer. Delightfully cool. And, the ocean temps are not all that high .. though they may be high enough to support development. I just can't say enough how this feels more like some winter storm or stalled out front more than something tropical.

The planes are going in and the planes or rather the data the planes gather will be given to the people making the call.

So it's a sit and wait a spell period while in Miami we are watching the rain come down.

Instead of obsessing over whether this is or isn't Barry my suggestion is when shopping this weekend.. Go for broke and buy the hurricane supplies that you can.. if you can depending on your money situation that you can save money and enjoy the Tax break.

I know I am using it to buy myself a new weather radio.. not sure which one but a new one, maybe two.. Nothing as valuable in saving lives and preparing you for dangerous weather than a weather radio. And, may I add.. in a weak tropical storm you can have twisters spring up in the bands, lose power from high squally winds and a weather radio will warn you to a near by Twister going WHOOSH and coming right at you. Batteries? Buy them in increments of less than $30. Flashlights... tarps.. whatever your budget allows if you have the extra money honey spend it now and it will go further without the taxes being added on.

So.. here is the list.. here is the site.. here is some info that I can give you that is "for sure" and as for the system down below... I'll update this site later in the day.

Personally... been a long week for me. Wedding Monday night for a close friend, funeral for a co-worker and close friend Tuesday afternoon and another wedding last night for a good friend and God Bless them but Piamenta played..every time I felt sad for a few minutes I got up and danced some more. There is a time for everything and last night was a time for joy and happiness and enjoying old friends who needed a lift and watching a beautiful young couple start a new life together..

Can't wait to relax this shabbos, get some good comfort food in the house, make a big cholent and stay home and watch the rain come down. Got lots of reading to do for an article I am working on for publication regarding old Miami in the 1950s. Historical publication. Lots of reading material. Chicken, yellow rice and or sweet potatoes.. salads, and whatever I decide to cook after being inspired at Wild Oats or Walmart.

List of things to buy below.. go for it! Nice to get the tax break, we need all the breaks we can living in Miami with the high cost of living and the hurricane season upon us.

My sister in law is making my brother a cake for the hurricane season, she swears when she makes one we don't get hit. He wants to get hit and isn't that happy about the cake like usual. Well, a mild hit.. some early morning email about "Bring em on" (ohkay... hey, blame it on Ronnie not me or Jay if we get hit this year)

List below.. go shopping, the planes won't be back for hours and no one will really have info til five..

Flashlights, self-powered lights valued $20 or less.

Portable self-powered radio, two-way radio or weatherband radio selling for $75 or less.

Tarps or other flexible waterproof sheeting selling for $50 or less.

Tie-down kid or ground anchor system selling for $50 or less.

Gas or diesel fuel tank selling for $25 or less.

AAA-cell, AA-cell, C-cell, D-cell, 6-volt or 9-volt batteries selling for $30 or less.

Cell phone battery selling for $60 or less; cell phone charger selling for $40 or less.

Food storage cooler (non-electric) selling for $30 or less.
Note you can buy more, just in $30 batches ;)

Portable generator used to provide light or communications or preserve food in event of a power outage selling for $1,000 or less.

Storm shutter device selling for $200 or less.

Carbon monoxide detector selling for $75 or less.

Re-usable ice selling for $10 or less.

The tax break does not apply to any sales within an airport, public lodging establishment, theme park or entertainment complex.* Note do NOT try buying those batteries on Main Street in Disneyland or at MIA they will charge you sweet little tourist thing lots of taxes :)

Great link to the whole tax thing it and post it if you have a store or business where you want to share the info.. Thanks Chris on

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You can order Hurricane Supplies online!

Also, watch the video's on
It's a must see!

Take Care..

At 9:16 PM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

tell you what ill watch the video and if i am impressed.. ill leave this post up here :) thanks for dropping in. Does it include tiki torches?


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