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Monday, June 11, 2007

Pick A Pair of Hurricane Heels

Yes it is very hot.. perhaps the sun has gotten to my head or I was up too late last night lol.

So... in a hurricane you want to have proper protection against the elements. You can't go walking around barefoot you know?

So there's a hurricane. It's not a 3 and it's a good strong 1.

You want to be able to stand on the protected porch with someone and watch the trees blow by.

What do you wear?

Well, flats and sneakers are definitely out. They get wet. Yucky. Smelly. Not attractive and your feet shrivel.

You need heels, something with a small platform preferably if of course you know how to walk in them. That way... minor flooding and puddles and you will stay high and dry ;)

Straps... that way they won't get lost, sort of like Tie Down Straps for a roof, ya know..

Also.. if you are watching said storm with a cute storm chaser type you may want to do something to remind him you are there besides screaming "wow look at that awning fly by!!!" Heels usually work, just in case he looks down and says something like "damn that was a strong gust" and glances over at your very cute hurricane heels.

Also.. if you are short.. you can see more being higher up like and all.

Patent leather is always good and in this case..sort of washable.

Stay away from espadrill sort of fabric stuff .. no leather, smelly when wet and stretches.

So... the ones the model on the main ad is wearing are good if you want to protect your whole foot and still stay up above the water line but the heels here are a somewhat cuter look especially if you like to feel the air on your toes.

Tomorrow... we cover which waterproof makeup works best. Remember, RED goes with anthing over a Category 3.. Major Cane, wear red.. you heard it here first. Possibly pink for a Tropical Storm or Cat 1. Coral Cat 2.. maybe. Have to think on it...

Like Jim Leonard is gonna give you this advice??

Bye for now.. Bobbi
wayyy too hot in Miami and not a whole lot to watch in the tropics besides my sneaky wave out there..


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