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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My Two Cents Tropically Speaking for Tuesday :)

As I sit here typing this I am wishing I was somewhere like Naples, Florida.
Go figure, I know... nodding.. you can't believe that I am not thinking about wandering down some street in Key West but something about today makes me think on Naples, the pier... watching the water, the people.. perhaps looking west and wondering what the tropics has in store for me today.

There is some talk over @ The City on the message board about the BOC., no one mispelled Boca Burgers... Bay of Campeche.

Personally I think Chris or Tom just want to cheer me up and give me something to focus on today other than my mixed up, messy life. But..there is color down in the Bay of Campeche and it looks like it wants to bloom a bit more.

I try hard not to picture John Hope standing there looking curiously, interested in the area and saying it needs to hang around a little longer (he always liked to see color for at least 24 hours before buying into anything) ... I try real hard but the image of John Hope on a thousand different Tropical Updates in June staring over at the Bay of Campeche is engrained into my tropical little mind.

So...these are my links for the day to sit and ponder on

If I had a link of John I would put it there as well.. I could find a link for John but I really do NOT like my coffee with soy milk in it and my wonderfully annoying little chiropractor really wants me to use soy not dairy and this would taste a whole lot better with half and half but I will do anything right now to give his life a little more importance (my way of praying for his good health) and the truth is YOU could google John's picture easy enough. Google, images "John Hope" probably add in "bay of campeche" lol just don't get John staring at Don Ameche tap dancing.

There you go.. Bobbi's wayward mind digressing on Tuesday.

We all obsess on something. Kids on the message boards obsess on 2005, some still obsess on 1995 which was a great year for long trackers (ie CV.. cape verde) and some obsess on 1926 like me.. great year tropically except for Castro being born :( and then there was 1935... Labor Day Cane, Dust Bowl.

We miss the past, we long for the future... we have to enjoy every minute of today because buddy that is all you really have to wrap your hand around.

My 2cents for the day.
Enjoy the present!

You wonder how I can write like this? Working full time, being a single mother with a big family, trying to juggle a love life and following the tropics?

South Beach Diet Meal Replacement Bars!! You just hand two of them to the two growing teens who hate eggs and have no time for cereal and milk in the morning cause the boy is putting gel in his hair and the girl is straightening hers... South Beach Diet Bars for breakfast.. fast, easy and they can throw the garbage out somewhere else.

Yep..that's how Bobbi manages to blog every day!
Wonderful time to be living in the USA :)


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