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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Barry Gave SE Florida lots of Rain.. Thank you

Wish it would have given "The Lake" a little more rain and the mid part of the State sort of got robbed. Wondering if Pt. St. Lucie got any or not but they usually don't get as much as we do down here.

Rained, the wind blew. We hung out around the house, had a nice lunch and sooner rather than later the sun started to come out in bursts.

Want to say this fast about Barry, he was barely a real tropical system. I mean he was for a while.. and the recon found him to be ... and he got a name and was officially a Tropical ..Warm Core System, real bona fide Tropical Storm. And, remember most tropical storms are the garden variety ones like Barry that look messy and are hard to find on imagery sometimes.. (remember SNONUT complaining about Earl a while back, smiling remembering that) but... that is a minimal Tropical Storm and Barry was but not for most of his life...

Barry was better a very clear example of a storm going baroclinic and it had a real comma signature and Steve Lyons was right when he said it was losing it last night.
He called that one. Didn't need the sound up to know what he was saying and he was right..

But, he did intensify if even only briefly and he did pull to the right of the cone forecast like I said he would and he did come into the Tampa area not the Big Bend which was what I thought he would do. And, not sure if I said it on or message board but "timing" was a real issue with this storm and Barry was moving faster than most people predicted. That was why I brought it up.. you could see he was going to come in lower (to the right.. tampa area) at the rate he was going.

Good start to the season, good wake up call ... go buy supplies, make a plan, can't pretend this season away it is here to stay and will be remembered!

Sure Barry bored a lot of hardcore storm chasers and trackers and sure many wish all 20 or so of the storms this year would all be as kind as Barry but don't count on it.

Note for people pondering what to buy tomorrow with your tax free break in Florida..

Tiki Torches are included in the deal.. I think under $20 but not sure.. check that site again.

My daughter-in-law loves tiki torches.. she used them at the wedding and uses them all the time when the guys/gang comes over to BBQ or hang out in the backyard. Really, gonna tell her she can buy some tax free and am sure she will probably go out and pick up a few more. Remember.. do not use them in the hurricane but AFTER when the winds die down and your power is out.. and while bbqing whatever you have left defrosting in the freezer with some warm Corona Extra. I'd tell her now but the guys/gang are all out at the tatoo parlor as I type.. honest, really... and they ain't tatooing hurricane sybols on their butts trust me on that one. I'm trusting my daughter-in-law has more sense than the gang of guys who hang out round here...

My life.. welcome to it...

Zalmy's home, the dog is home, sure the rest of the crew will be here soon.. maybe I'll go out for a cup of coffee .. or something.

chow for now.. Bobbi

Ps if anyone knows where I can get a small charm, silver preferably or gold of a hurricane symbol.. I would love one, please email me if you find one. NiteTNite, over and out.


At 4:53 AM, Blogger said...

Hi Bobbie,You can also purchase your Hurricane Supplies online.

Take Care,
Susan Haskins


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