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Saturday, June 09, 2007

All Eyes Turn Towards Africa.. Cape Verde Invest in Early June?

Baby Pics?

Maybe it's just an "invest" as the Navy site watches it and maybe it's because the NHC instead of commenting on the wave by the islands, the SW Carib wave or the rain in the Bahamas decided to comment on of all things... a Cape Verde Wave off of Africa.

One picture is worth a thousand words but there isn't much to say except "oh my goodness" cause to see a wave this beautifully formed this early in June ...Bobbi stares.... makes you wonder what will roll off Africa later in the season. The structure is there and there is even worse one bright red spot of convection dead center looking a bit like an Evil Eye Cane forming.

What's that phrase about something wicked comes this way.. well you know what I mean.

IF it develops it will most likely curve out to sea and if it hangs there and lays low it could enter our side of the world as a possible threat to think on but that would be like long shots of long shots. Then again I heard a filly won the big race today so... maybe it's a year for long shots.

Either way... you can watch the SW Carib if you want to.. you can watch the wave by the islands that looked nice this morning.. if you want to.. you can even watch the wave in the Bahamas that interacts with models still wishing it to life.. if you want to ...

As for me... I'll be watching Africa.. can't help but watch and wonder and wait to see how fast she fizzles... or pulls together, if she wants to..

Remember.. it's just an invest and can go poof over night but ... "oh my" can you hear the name Chantal whispered in the wind...


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