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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Trying to Predict the 2007 Hurricane Season ... is A Lot Like Trying to Predict Who Will Win American Idol

I mean really, when all is said and done... when each weather person has his day in the sun, her fifteen minutes of fame on the nightly news while trying to predict the outcome of the 2007 Hurricane Season... it sort of is a lot like trying to predict who will win American Idol. You know back before the Idol season really starts and all those early shows in various cities are filled with names not remembered of singers and actors all vying for Simon's attention just to be remembered long enough to get a ticket to Hollywood.

Yup, sort of a lot like trying to predict "who makes it to Hollywood" and who will be in the top 4, 3, 2... who will win the title of American Idol 2007?

Every weather watcher does it. They go through the list of names (see below) and they try to connect with one or two names and figure out which storm will make it to the final top 4. The major named storms. Not those errant little wannabee storms that spring up in the Bahamas and run off to sea fast or the ones out by the Azores going the wrong way to fame. You know which storms..the ones that become MAJOR CATEGORY 3 or 4 or even 5 storms and threaten some big, over populated sexy city known for it's food, drink and some genre of music. Will Miami get his this year? Will New Orleans get a double slam? How about Charleston? No one ever starts the season in the media by screaming Port Arthur Texas is going to get slammed or watch out Wilmington.. ever notice that? Do you EVER hear any forecaster saying "Pt. St. Lucie is under the gun this year?" Noooooo, everyone wants to figure out which storm is THE storm and then they immediately want to figure out which fancy ole city is going to get hit.

Maybe Andrea was your ex-wife and the name worried you. Maybe you had a crush on a Chantal in college and you think something like this "Chantal, wow..what a name. C storms make it to land a lot. Cleo did. Hmmmmnnnn, let's see where would a storm like Chantal go? Charleston or maybe Savannah?"

Yep, trust me we all do it. We act a little blonde doing it but we do it. And, I have nothing against blondes.. I've even been one a few times. But, after all that education, all that experience, all that weather savy some on air weather personality at The Weather Channel is still sitting there staring at that name trying to figure out if THE STORM OF THE YEAR will be Dean or Humberto. Someone somewhere is laughing at the thought of some annoying, possible news headline that reads "Humberto Hits Haiti" or "Barry Blasts Belize"

It's a weird list of names, usually a list filled with duds but then well.. what did Andrea replace.. does anyone remember.

Or the ever popular game on message boards.. "which storm will we get up to"
Pablo is the name most people are predicting. Wouldn't you love to see a hurricane map designed by Pablo Picasso? I mean how many Bermudas or Floridas would it have? Giggling, the coffee must be setting in I am waking up ;)

Yes we all do it.

We all try to predict which name will be the Katrina, the Camille, the Andrew of 2007.

We all try and predict where this year's bumper crop of storms will go.. up the coast or down the river or straight across Florida all the way into West Texas.

Time is getting close, adrenalin is beginning to pump, a bunch of clouds in the Caribbean is calling trackers attention and that list of names is sitting there like those candidates on American Idol who won the winning gold ticket to go to Hollywood and we sit there staring at the list wondering which name will go all the way and be the most remembered Hurricane of 2007. Which ones will go off quietly into the night and never be heard from again?

Trying to predict the results of the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season is a lot like Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season.

You got a better chance with American Idol.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
See if you can Miss Cleo like connect to any of the names below. Write a few down on paper and predict where they will go and as how big a storm. You got just as much of a chance as predicting the winner here as Joe Bastardi, Chris Landsea or Phil Klotzbach. Max Mayfield might be sitting home right now wondering in his folksy way if Erin is going to be the big one but no matter which one.. he and Bryan Norcross will both remind you that it only takes ONE to rock your world!

Go for it, give it a try.

2007 Hurricane Names


I still can't decide. I was always a little partial to the name Barry. Cute boy in 6th grade I danced all night with at some wedding that would have been boring without Barry but hmmmmnnn not sure. Maybe Barry in the Bahamas? Hmmm Sebastien, ummmm... going to work, chow for now.. Bobbi

Ps.. did you know the spell checker gave me "no suggestions" for Klotzbach lol.


At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbi, nice blogs (here and at Hurricane City)! Just wanted to say hi before the 2007 season gets rolling. I say Gabrielle. The last Gabrielle made landfall Sept 13 2001 and everyone forgot about her. Number 2 may be Humberto has had a lame history but so did Frances and Charley before '04.


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