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Friday, May 25, 2007

Still in Key West...

Couldn't manage to make it back to the mainland and off of the rock.

Going to Chabad tonight, eating there and walking, walking, walking back to Old Town tonight ... stopping in at Bnai Zion for lunch tomorrow to celebrate friend's birthdays in May and... to say a prayer for this season's hurricane season sparing this little island. As a sweet lady who was valedictorian of the class of Key West High 1940.. she whispered in my ear yesterday with a beautiful smile and said, "it is such a pretty island isn't it?"

Hurricane trivia for today... 1948... a liquor store "out on the boulevard" was trashed in a hurricane and half the island got drunk from the liquor bottles that covered most the area... seems everyone ..even those who weren't drinkers got drunk. Sobered up and then cleaned up. A rare hurricane event for an island that rarely gets hit directly. Most old timers I interviewed cited Georges as their hurricane to remember. No matter how old or young.. Wilma was a pain but Georges was the real thing.

Good shabbos, going swimming in my friend's pool and going to stare up at the sky and give thanks for what I have today.. and every day.

GFS still ain't happening :) lol but sure is windy here and keeps pouring in the middle of the night... when the tourists are finally asleep I suppose.


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