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Monday, May 14, 2007

Say It Ain't So Joe!

When I first was introduced to Joe Bastardi he had two things going against him that always made me stop and think ... uhhhh, ummmmm... "can this be a set up" it's just too weird.

1.. He says he is born in Rhode Island (not a good start with me)
2.. He has the same birthday as one of my best friends/ex-boyfriends who I adore.

Just seemed to be too weird. Thought it was a joke, a "crazy friend" sort of weather joke maybe or whatever... but I used to take his forecasts with a grain of salt. Okay, being honest here... I took his forecasts with the whole canister of the good old Morton Salt container.

Over time.... I came to just let the birthday and the Rhode Island thing go and chalk it up to the fickle finger of fate and weather weirdness and just enjoy his long, rambling forecasts... Got to wonder about a man who loves football and can ramble and write longer posts than me. Ummmmm...

Anyways... so a lot of people either love or hate Bastardi..there seems to be no in between shades of Gray and not sure how William Gray feels on him either. I never asked, don't plan to..

Sometimes he is very good in his observations. Other times he seems like a wishcaster wannabe on some message board screaming "batten down the hatches in Baton Rouge" which is most often where some little weather poster usually grew up before moving away with Kim and Dorothy to Smallville but I digress here mysteriously...

wishcaster defined: a person who lives in or grew up in one area and thinks every storm out by Africa is headed to that specific area.. be it miami, houston, new orleans or whatever town they are most connected to.. while in wishcasting mode.
Anyways... some good friend sent me Joe's recent red flag warning forecast for the State of Florida.

The link is here.. please look:

After having a strong glass of tequilla or cranberry juice if you are not a drinker, grab an aspirin if you have a weak heart and get back to me...


ready??? still with me here??

Joe is carving a bowling alley sort of red strike zone over Florida.. not New England and not Texas though he does think Texas has higher odds then normal but then when does the little College Station fan (third hmmmmnn) not have his eye on the Great State of Texas??

You can read his forecast on accuweather, you can watch him on accuweather... you can go on any old message board and hear people slam him or praise him and reword his forecasts.

I'm not going to do that.. not here, not anywhere. I have given up trying to understand people. Fickle hurricanes are easier to figure than people..especially those born in Rhode Island I have found.

Nothing personal against Rhode Island mind you, not really.. flora is beautiful, great state to drive through on your way to Boston or Maine. Pretty water, green homes, sort of quaint. It's really five different islands but anyways, we won't go into the personality disorders of all those little islands and the weird witch trials that went on around there.. all those Bays you can't really spell.

And, we won't even discuss the Block Island storm.. the movie or the famous Long Island Express.. whisper 1938.. noooo noooo nooo...

But, really say it ain't so Joe...
Say Florida isn't going to get hit any which way it can...
Say you didn't put Florida on Red Hurricane Homeland Hit Alert Level!

Well... maybe the GFS model reads Joe because the GFS model is throwing up some interesting stuff onto the tropical table.. give it a few days, might change, probably will change.. but shows a system forming threatening Florida.

Personally, I think that Florida will most likely get a hit at the very least and probably by a storm on it's way to somewhere else.. first stop to misery on the tropical express.

A big massive high builds in or the heat ridges join together and some storm will ride under the high on it's way to west Texas... or... some storm will come up and hit Florida on the backdoor (don't let it slam please) and cruise on up the coastline after exiting the finger of Florida sticking down into the warm, balmy, tropical waters that a storm can feed on and develop fast into a memorable, historical, tropical tragedy.

I could write here today about Max Mayfield and Bryan Norcross collaborating on a new website.. I will another day.

I could write about the upcoming tax break.. I will another day.

I could write about the remnants of Andrea, but I won't ..

I could write here about my thoughts on how the Hurricane Season is a lot like watching American Idol.. I might tomorrow.

There is a lot I can write about. Mother's Day was great from start to finish. Went out on an early breakfast date which was nice, then my brother and I took my mother out for Mother's Day (got a blueberry/kiwi smoothie and had a small piece of baklava) for desert as I had already eaten. I went out for Starbucks with one of my best friends Zee and Rivky my daughter made me a cake and then my son and daughter in law and other son took me out for drinks and sushi and I had some vegetable coconut curry thing which was awesome not to mention.. Long Island Ice Tea :)
Yup.. nice, very nice. Then I woke up randomly around 12:36 or so and the radio was on and there it was... Matt darlin' angel was playing Windmills of Your Mind, or My Mind... or our mind or well someone's out of their mind but either way. Smiled, wondered who sang that version and if I have it somewhere on one of the many music CDs that someone makes me (I have a few versions, Sting, Dusty.. ) anyways...

So... as for me and Joe.. it's like this.

I believe Joe is ALWAYS worth listening to and ALWAYS entertaining. I think that one day FIU which now has a football team and a meteorological school will give him headaches trying to forecast football as well.

But, for now... will keep his forecast in mind with a few good grains of sea salt and wait and see what really happens once the season gets going.

But really... is that like the most inflammatory sort of graphic you have ever seen a month before the season?

Then again I believe Dr. Gray's report and the other reports out all put Florida in danger of being hit this hurricane season.

Then again...when isn't Florida in danger of getting hit in the hurricane season?

This is what you call Hurricane Country now isn't it?

Smokey Hurricane Country :(

Have a good day, have a good week and pray for rain!

Where's the Rain Mon when you need him?


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