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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Recon is IN the "System" ..we will have data soon

They put out an 8am report at like 7am .. I thought my clock was still broken on the computer. Don't ask.. long story.

Anyways... we are waiting to hear from the planes. You know like when you have a friend flying and are waiting to hear news, you go online to flight tracker and it doesn't work well and you have to sit and wait...

Hurricane Tracking/Chasing teaches you patience if nothing else.

The swells at the beach at Miami Beach were awesome yesterday, if I didn't say that already I'm saying it now.. or again. I went with one of the guys at work and just sat, stood, ran in and out of the surf. Not high surf, long rolling waves which came in way far up on the beach exposing chunks of coral and big shells. I took a piece for a paperweight at work. Really nice. Up the coast a bit in Ft. Lauderdale they were having problems with water going so far up the beach from the swells that it ran over the road a few times. The Del Ano on South Beach kept moving the chaise lounges up as well... Dark, deep blue skies, white foam on the waves as they curled. Didn't seem like Miami. Kept thinking my son who used to surf who is living in Iowa these days would have loved it.

So..we are waiting.

What is in a name? Really?

A system is a system with a name or without one and friends up in the Carolinas told me they are having more damage from this storm than the garden variety Tropical Storm or Category 1 Hurricane.

Maybe it's true and Noreasters are stronger than hurricanes...

I wouldn't know but maybe someday I will.

For now.. seems this little Southeaster is doing quite a job on the beaches. Swells have been felt as far south as Puerto Rico.

Whatever the designation this system gets or doesn't get.. it will be remembered for a long time.

Save the loops.. they will make nice screen savers when the hurricane season is over and there is nothing exciting to look at on the satellites.

Have a good day everyone, enjoy .. be and be loved,



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