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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Recipe for a Hurricane Season African Waves & It's Almost Summer..

There is a beautiful little wave out in the Atlantic, far away headed west bound towards the New World or our world .. however you prefer to think on it.

Sign of summer almost here here... one wave at a time until the big waves later in the summer. This one will probably make it across and crash into South America as they often do this time of year but still.. it's a very nice wave and worth noting.

Link below to an article on how the monsoons in Africa are related to landfalling canes over here.. patterns, etc. Us weather people love patterns. I imagine somewhere along the line they must have read someone's thesis on monsoons in Africa, I mean they didn't think this up themselves but they did study it and proove their point well. Increased rain over the Sahel region and monsoons definitely heighten the chance for more hurricanes. But... it is ONE factor and you have to add heat to the engine and have warm sea temperatures and some factor like a strong El Nino with very strong winds going the wrong way at the height of September will inhibit the Canes from forming...

It's like a cake, a little too much cloves and it over powers the cinnamon. A little rum to the cocoa and ooh la la! Too much rum to the cocoa and you can't figure out what that dark stuff is they added to the cake!

It's a recipe, every ingredient is important and too much of this or that throws the whole season off? As for the 2007 Hurricane Season? Let's just see how this season plays out... Personally, I like coconut in my chocolate. Okay, I like coconut in my rum.

So take some Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay Rum and add in a little rain from Africa, a few sexy cute weather guys and a big African Wave take away El Nino add in La Nina and some hot water temps and you got one heck of a Hurricane Season!

Will find graphics later to support this as I am late for work and going back to work.

You heard it here first, formular for the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season!

Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay Rum + Rain in Africa + Sexy Wxr Guys + Big African Waves - El Nino + La Nina = Busy Atlantic Hurricane Season!


At 2:14 PM, Blogger Lesli Richardson (aka Tymber Dalton) said...

How about a Jim Cantore swizzle stick? *LOL* Ooh la la!! *LOL* Now THERE'S a line of merchandise TWC should promote! *LOL*


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