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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It Rained!

It rained!
It poured!
It was wonderful.
Thunder rolled.
The wind blew.
The wind gusted really a lot.
The stars came out and I fell asleep staring up at some big planet in the East that was visible.
It blew the smoke away if just for the night.
It was wonderful.

Sky is milky white again with the hint of rain later today ..

My boungenvilla needed the rain. My crotons needed the rain.

My frangipangi loves the rain.

And so do I.

Tropics quiet today though people are whispering about the NW Caribbean being a possible breeding ground later in the forecast period.

My brother Ronnie sent me the graphic I posted yesterday in my email.
That was to make Jay laugh ;)

We are afterall such a weather family.

Like to take a hotel room somewhere and just stare out at the storm and write and write and write or just stare and stare and stare at the rain falling down.

Of note it rained in Ft. Myers I believe yesterday to the total of around 4 inches in a very brief hourly period and they were 6 inches below normal for this time. 4 inches of rain... Don't believe all those people who say we would have to have 2 tropical storms, a hurricane and a broken fire truck to make up what we need. This is Florida... when it rains, it pours and if you don't believe me then you don't remember Irene.

Have a wonderful whatever day of the week we are on today.


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