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Friday, May 18, 2007

Important Issue, More $$$ for Hurricane Research Needed

Really that is the bottom line, lack of money to do the research that is needed NOW to deal with this hurricane season and future ones. Nothing more hot a subject than this and nothing to look at in the tropics today.

Governor's Conference going on in Ft. Lauderdale regarding hurricanes. Bill Proenza is speaking publicly on this issue, check out the article in the Miami Herald where he goes on the record complaining ... pretty ballsy as they say for a rookie Hurricane Director, he has my admiration at this point for not being afraid to speak his mind. Easier for people to get burned, frustrated and leave the public sector and go to work for private industry because they are sick inside from holding their tongue and not being honest. Government jobs are not all that easy.

Poster at posted this very eloquently, more eloquently than can i so I am reposting it here hoping it has a wider audience.

IF everyone who reads this, anyone who enjoys studying Tropical Weather or any type of weather would write ONE letter to their congressman, senator, governor.. hell write your local mayor, you have nothing to lose. How many silly emails do we send a day, how many stupid jokes to we pass around, how many unimportant emails do we write and yet how many of us have taken the time to write a politician pleading with them to try and make a difference with something so important and basic as more money given to (and not taken away from) HURRICANE RESEARCH. <---- address of your local politician you elected

You want to make a difference with Global Warming:
Stop using aerosol sprays.
Stop buying Styrofoam.
Stop driving big fancy cars. Carpool. Take Public Transportation.
Stop buying foam paper plates, wash a dish. Conserve water.
Share a Shower.

Until you have done these things... don't tell me how much money needs to be spent to research Global Warming, write an email on that too.. no paper trail, very green way of doing business. <---- address of your local politician you elected

But, come two months from now when and if the Azores and Bermuda High merges as many feel it will and then the Sonora High gets into the game... and you are sitting in some coastal Florida Town watching some big, bad Category 4 Hurricane coming at you fast and furious .. don't complain why the NHC isn't SURE whether Erin will hit Pt. St. Lucie or Sebastian, whether Key Largo gets the eye of the storm or Homestead up the road and don't come complaining to me that no one said Erin would jump from a weak Cat 2 to a bad Category 4 that fast even though the NHC had you under a hurricane watch or warning and hinted at the possibility for rapid intensification as Erin passed over the very warm waters of the Gulfstream. Don't complain the NHC wasn't able to get a better handle on it if you don't do your share now and write your local politician now and ask the government to give the Hurricane Research Division of the NHC (HRD it's called) more money $$$ so that the NHC can better tell you where, when and how strong Erin or Pablo will be when it is coming at you west bound at 20mph with winds of 140 mph! And, as for Texas, Louisiana and even Alabama...that goes for you too! <---- address of your local politician you elected

You want to do your share for Global Warming? Bring a cup with you to Starbucks, wash a dish, take a bus, share a shower.

Write someone important NOW because this hurricane season is going to be one big wake up call I think and money talks, emails get read, pass this around please.


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