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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hot Day In May .. Field Trip to Train Museum

I had a very cool day. Amazing... spiced with History and Hurricane History and a ride on a choo choo train. Ate lunch in a cool, air conditioned club car out on the museum's grounds. Got to hear Dr. George talk about history the whole way down and back.. Florida history that is..

The Train Museum you see is on the old grounds of the Richmond Air Field that once housed a building 17 stories high to house the dirigibles that were there. It was used by the army in WW2 and then the hurricane hit. Somewhere, sometime in the fire the very large hangar and facility got destroyed by a fire so large that it was said you could see it from the rooftop of the Old Daily News building in Downtown Miami (now known as Freedom Tower).

So..on the anniversary of the late, great Hindenburg.. I spent some time out in Homestead where the Florida

I mean what can you say about a spot in space that has had two major hurricanes make landfall upon it directly? Richmond Field... 1945.. 1992 Andrew..

I don't think most Miamian's realize how strong that storm was and most of my generation doesn't realize we were dealing with dirigibles out there..

There you go... the track of your typical September Cape Verde storm that comes "up over the islands straight at Miami" as my Grandma Mary would say.. and forgot to read the part about recurving before making landfall. A very, very, wet, strong storm.

Nice tour. Nice people. Miami High Class of 44, 45 and 46 or so were having their reunion and joined the tour. Sweet people. Talked to them about Canes though most wanted to talk still about Andrew. They said Miami was always flippant about Canes before Andrew. Sort of hunker down and ride them out. No one remembered doing much preparation for them when young.

One couple I spoke to was getting married in a few weeks. They were in love 62 years ago, broke up... and found themselves online years later... came to the reunion, getting married. So cute. Such a cute couple, very young looking, kept hugging each other, happy... maybe love does that to you. I had tears in my eyes hearing their story. Wow. Unreal.. Nice to know love can find you at any age and makes you feel the way it did back when.

Beautiful day except for the extreme heat and well...great day, great museum. If you have a chance go on out and visit next time you want to take a drive down Dixie Highway or down the Turnpike.

Does it really matter how you get there as long as you get there?

Over and out... Bobbi
Ps... my son and my brother went to the Air Show.. had a blast, both came back looking like Miami Lobsters lol.. very hot!


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