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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

GFS Model Dreams of Barry Developing

Worth looking at:

Bloggers and weather fanatics are oohing and awwing over possible development of a quasi tropical system that could become Barry later in the week. IF not Barry.. one angry looking coastal storm I suppose. And, get this.. formed possibly from the same frontal boundary that gave us the late not so great Andrea. A 2 for 1 Frontal Boundary, how bou that.

And, it's not just the GFS model.. a few have shown interest in the area. Weather sites online should start to mention it in a day or so unless the models drop it like a hot tamale because they don't want to get burned speculating.. not until they really believe a bit more.

I think it's too early to say. Usually I like to see

You can see the area of speculation burst through a bit in Red

So... anyways... ya'll keep watchin' now

I am, I will. Well, gonna watch the Country Music Awards tonight but will peak on and off the computer to see if it gets interesting. Personally, I think it's moving the wrong way.


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