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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Checking Out, Checking In.. Busy Season Coming

Points to ponder... on TWC even they mentioned how this is supposed to be a really bad hurricane season and NOAA has decided to plan a million dollar party for the 200th anniversary of a government agency while cutting money from the hurricane center's budget. Like come on guys... make a picnic somewhere... bring your own casseroles and soda pop, put the money where it belongs and just send flowers.

The government is going to release their own report (so there Dr. Gray) written by the men Dr. Gray trained to explain why it is going to be a busy hurricane season. El Nino is gone. Poof.

And, so am I!

Going to Key West.. to the rock, to paradise, leaving the mainland behind. Going to pray at the synagogue that my Great, Great Grandparents started way back when in Cigar Land USA, before ditching it for Tampa and then eventually My-am-muh ;) Going back home... stopping in at Chabad if the weather holds otherwise I'll be wandering around Old Town. Staying at a friends house (God Bless wonderful friends) and reading a lot of stuff for my book and an article I have to write soon. Flame Trees ... poinciannas for most of you, Frangipangi in bloom, showers out on the gulfstream, big storm coming soon... need to touch home base before it blows away. Will go to the grotto and offer a prayer.

Checking in.. checking out... less than ten days and counting before the Official Start of the 2007 Hurricane Season!

Be well.. Bobbi


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