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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

Poured this morning. Street flooded, way up over the sidewalk. Then the sun came out. Blue skies. Very blue. Very bright. Went to shop for shoes with Sharon who says there will be "multiple hits" this hurricane season. Okay... And, bought a small dresser at Pier One on 75% off. Looks waterproof for those multiple hits, can store my writing there inside plastic bags. Beyond cheap, never saw anything so cheap there. The pillar candles cost more. Does that hurricane tax free period apply to pillar candles at Pier One I wonder? So warm outside in the sun yet breezy and almost cool in the shade. Yet ANOTHER Last, late season cold front made it through.
Going to another Laz wedding and going to Key West for Shavous and giving great thanks for the most beautiful, spectacular day. May is such a wonderful month in Miami. Always was.. still is. Then comes June... whoooshhhhhh....


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