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Monday, May 28, 2007

Back on the Mainland in Miami

Hey. Back on the mainland, off the rock, back from the land of bubbas and conchs and quiet sunrises as the sky lightens slowly and water sprays the rocks that surround the beaches of Key West. Amazing sunrises... you go and sit on the sea wall near one of the rocky make believe "beaches" and watch the water rush in, rush around and over the little rocks and slabs of worn down coral and create little eddies and water falls, strong surf all week, amazingly beautiful.

Stayed by a friend who has one of the most beautiful houses I've been in for a long while. Lots of beautiful pictures of nature, colors colliding perfectly and open to the elements more so than most. Hope it never gets tested in a strong hurricane but all houses do and even the most boring, concrete block sort of house in a cat 4 or 5 is not a place you would want to be trust me. So... if you have a chance to live your life..close to nature, sky, color, fresh air... enjoy it, live in the moment and hope the hurricane shutters work :)

Seriously... is any home really safe? And, then... I interevied Dr. Joseph Porter's granddaughter who grew up her whole life on the south side of the island, across the street from Louie's Backyard in a house that weathered every storm since way before the 1919 storm. People didn't evacuate (built up high and built well) and people hunkered down and hurricanes and tropical storms were just part of life living in the tropics. Do people leave New Jersey or New England because of Noreasters? And, we all know how those people claim a good noreaster is way stronger than a hurricane (rolling eyes and smiling here). Does TWC cover evacuations for strong Noreasters? Haven't noticed any recently.

Either way... went to the Grotto, lit a candle, had a picnic there actually, sat, nibbled on something and sat in the gardens thinking on my great, grandma. Went to the NWS/NOAA building and will write on that later... all I can say is VERY NICE GUYS and climbed up to the roof where they launch the blimp thingie and had a great view of the island and a nice talk. Will talk on that later. New Eco-center museum I cannot wait to take my brother Ronnie to and my son Zalmy. Unreal nice, nice people, great movie there by the man responsible for the underwater scenes in Free Willy. Interviewed so many nice, sweet wonderful conchs for an article I am writing (K O N K is the way you say it not the CH sound..they hate that) and... just wonderful and the wind.. oh was so windy and beautiful.

I said yiskor at Bnai Zion on Shavous which is the synagogue my great, great grandparents helped start in the 1880s when it was still Rodeph Shalom and had a nice lunch there on Shabbos. Friday night I was at Chabad for a nice service and a nice meal with the regular gang of guys who hang out there.. great salads, great moroccan fish lol.

Anyway.. home, back on the mainland, have a million notes to look through and have a wedding to go to tonight so I will try and write coherently tomorrow.

Will watch the models, watch the loops, relax, wake up.. come back to reality.

I love Key West. People are warmer, calmer, more relaxed and in tune with themselves and the world around them. Flowers smell sweeter, air feels softer, rain falls prettier and the waves crash on the little rocks that are the base of what Key West is... a rock in the middle of the Ocean with air rushing at you from Havana on it's way north to Florida... a very beautiful island.

I want to live there, I just really want to live there.

And, I can write better there than anywhere else I have ever been. Thoughts race at you that need to be written down faster than the strong onshore breeze that blew across the island all week while I was there.

Beautiful house, nice people, good friends... what more do you really need in life?

Well... whatever weather you like the best too I suppose or you wouldn't be here reading my blog, right?

Love Bobbi


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