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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Asking a favor... while watching Andrea hang on ...

No not singing hang on andrea hang on here.. but it is musical.

Sameach Podcast Musical :)

My son's podcast is up for an award by the Jerusalem Post and I would really like it if anyone reading this would vote for it..listen to it if you would like as it's good, fun and full of music. And, it's free... open your horizons here while watching Andrea spinning off the coast and trying to hang in there. Models by the way are wierd and not set in stone so it's possible she hangs in, possible she drifts further south than figured and or go out to sea and intensify.. who knows?

Prayers to those in the Mid-West with the flooding misery in Missouri and parts of SW Iowa.. horrible to see so much water where you don't want it and so little where you do.. namely over the fire torn regions of Florida and Georgia and drought stricken Florida... and as for California.. oh don't let Griffith Park burn...

McArthur Park can melt all it wants but please don't let Griffith Park burn.

Here's the links to the voting site.. you must verify on the bottom to vote.
It's a great podcast. I didn't realize my son was so funny.. go figure that one :)

please take two seconds and vote for Best Podcast Award
Sameach Music Podcast... music does make the world go round
and Best Podcast Episode Award

Hey.. Mother's Day is Coming.. you could help me get a bigger present here
Starbucks Card.. Barnes and Noble, come on you know how to make me happy ;)


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