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Monday, April 30, 2007

Why I love HurricaneCity :)

The website.. not the guesstimate at which city will get slam dunked in this year's upcomming Hurricane Season 2007...

It has the greatest collection of people, you couldn't write a sitcom this funny if you tried and I know a few who keep trying.

Great link, posted on the site which is talking on global warming, ocean currents, co2, weather stuff for the tropically inclined ..

really funny.. I'm with Samantha Bee on this one..that guy in the green shirt, wo.. wow, very cute. I think he's Clark Kent in hiding lol, great job you got there.

Anyway... there is something for everyone whether you like to study rocks or outter space or the making of wine or butterfly theory or just plain old tropical weather. Whether you want to read up on great storms or cities most likely to be hit this year or Jim's predictions. From Jim to Target to Tim to Chris and the random girls in between.. HurricaneCity rocks my world :) <-- watch for video and audio, great images from Jim Leonard's videos. I can watch that colored donut spin for hours.

Okay.. that's it.

Oh...and for those of you who want to help promote the cause of the environment and stop global warming...

The new Victoria Secrets Catalogues are less environmentally harmfuly and you can order some cute little green tee shirts, green teddies or even an itsy bitsy green bikini.. you heard it here first!

So, come on girls.. get yourself a nice little green teddie or tee and surf around the city on your laptop.. do your part for global warming. Remember..the less you eat, the smaller your greenprint will be ;) ecoprint? well whatever.. Having sushi for lunch with bottled water from somewhere, that's probably a no no for the ecologically minded but hey.. saving the Biscayne Aquifier one little sip of Fiji Water at a time ;)


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