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Monday, April 02, 2007

What do Hurricanes and Passover have in common?

Hi... I've sort of been on hurricane sabbatical but I just wanted to comment that I really love Passover :) I mean I really love it.. so much fun, such a party, succh a feelgood holiday.

I mean, all those dishes and pots you only see once a year taken down and all the crazy shopping for those few last minute things you thought you had but realized you don't have because you kept out the Passover Garlic Press and the someone broke the food processor last year packing it up and.... well... just those things that you wait all year to buy because you'll use them for Passover :)

It's like this shopping frenzy that can only be possibly compared or surpassed to shopping for a Category Three Hurricane coming directly towards Miami with a strong high built in and only hot water and the warm gulf stream between you and Hurricane Pesach!! You know it's gonna hit, all the relatives start showing up to be fed and to sleep over and there is snack food you never have in the house and there's this sort of "oh what the heck, buy 3 packs of paper plates, we might need them... " attitude abounding. The kitchen gets redone... Sonoma Contact Paper, new tiles and duck tape... the house looks like Oz when Dorothy lands and the colors come to life!

So... here I am... new food processor with a purple food container (the only color they had, really) and on sale, and... Starbucks coffee (verona, french roast, gulf stream.. I like it strong) and this year's big hit was the bittersweet chocolate covered hazelnuts and coffeebeans from Sara's Tent! Hello Kitty Tupperware from the Dollar Store... just before Passover or a Category Three Hurricane... lots of strange things make sense and you figure you're worry about the expense after landfall or four cups of wine whichever comes first!

Roast in the oven, enough paper products to make it through a Category Three Hurricane crusing nearby just offshore ... wine, so much wine... Italian Wine, French Wine... and the old standby Rashi Light...

There is this countdown going and the clock is ticking..

Make the Charaine.. Make the Chroses, Do we need more paper cups?
Drinks.. soda, wine, water (Panna hidden in the bedroom for me...)

What a life... so much fun and an extra added bonus is that instead of having to watch Don Noe talk non-stop on the TV about how to secure the boat I don't have... I can watch the Redsox play Kansas City while chopping the Charaine (horseradish root) in my new purple food processor... trust me... our forefathers and foremothers never had it this good!!

Happy Passover to anyone out there reading this, happy start of the baseball season and remember... once baseball has started... can the Hurricane Season be far away?

Love and Chopped Liver.. Bobbi
Ps...still smiling from a field trip earlier this week down to the old Hurricane Stomping Grounds on Whindley Key ... L'chaim!


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