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Friday, April 27, 2007

Top 3 Reasons Russia Loves Global Warming!

Top 3 Reasons Russia Loves Global Warming

Longer Growing Season in the Ukraine
Warm Water Port May Soon Become A Reality
Increased Tourism

Okay, so it occurs to me that if the Russians can learn to adapt a little and work on how to actually grow different crops besides beets, sunflower seeds and barley out there on the frozen prairie they could do quite well during the forecasted future with Global Warming. A growing season for corn that Lysenko could only dream about..... Krushchev's dream.

Military wise.. it may be a bit of a problem as their secret weapon of Winter which beat back Sweden, France and the Germans (and anyone else who didn't know how to hunker down and drink vodka until May) won't be the big factor to turn the tide and allow Russia to survive invaders. Then again... in today's new world where atomic warfare can blow your ass into the sky from half a world away... they may no longer need to use winter as a military survival tactic.

In today's brave new world... those warmer resorts along the Black Sea may soon rival those beautiful beaches in the South Pacific that may soon be under water. There will be no more Bimini vacations to dream about as the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas will soon be under water... just Black Sea resorts, beautiful Russian babes basking in the warm, tropical sunshine...

Their need for a warm water port will be finally achieved when the North Sea really warms up and Saint Petersburg becomes all that Peter the Great dreamed it could be... Increased tourism... more money, more fun in the sun!

Great links to play with...and learn more about Russia's quest for a warm water port, a corn crop that could last more than a few months and how winter defeated Napolean. For the conspiracy types... a bit at the end that is bizarre but hey it's the internet not World Book. <--- bizarre but true.. Krushev hits the road to Iowa <--- great article, good writing <--- fun <--- boring but factual <--- best all round winner for info

For Conspiracy Lovers and Paranoids Everywhere:\

And.. LASTLY... a special bonus... no Category 5 or 6 landfalling hurricanes to chase or worry about... yes Virginia there is a place you can go to hide from hurricanes if you need to....

Final Proof:

Russia will definitely have the meteorological edge here without worrying on landfalling hurricanes even during global warming... I think they are safe.

Global Warming... Russia may be loving this if they can indeed turn it around and use it to their advantage :)

dosvedanya ;) and Good Shabbos..
having shepherds pie with whipped sweet potatoes and pecans on top..
along with the usual suspects of babaganush, guacamole and wine or maybe vodka :)


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