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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

That being said...

1) A mad man trying to stab people would not have killed 33 people. A hunting rifle is one thing and easy access to a killing machine is another. Yes, it's an old horse to argue gun control but so is "wear your seatbelt" .. sometimes old horses need to be paid attention to... but the state trooper going 90 mph with the governor didn't insist on the Governor wearing the seatbelt either I guess..

2) The College just "assumed" it was some lovers quarrel. A domestic dispute on campus?? Did they have facts? Or they assumed? After the opening day adventure that should have been a warning to wonder on how to handle such an incident again.. sometimes lightning does strike twice.. or three times. Way too much assuming.

3) The College President the morning AFTER the massacre at his college was STILL referring to it as "an incident" and "the event"
Sorry Charlie... a streaker on campus is an incident, an event is a college protest or pep ralley... 33 people being killed on your campus, on your watch is NOT an "incident"

rolling eyes... really annoying...
Gun Control, Youth Violence on Campus, Buckle Up/Don't Speed and Wake Up and Smell the Coffee... you had a mass murder on your campus and it could have been possibly prevented or at least minimized had you not assumed... Just my thoughts, that being said. Can't blame everything on it being April!


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