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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Off Topic Rant For YKW & then Wxr

Weather people just skip on down to below where the real weather post is...

For You Know Who:
This is sort of like an emergency broadcast signal for harrassers of the 3rd Kind...

Ed doesn't live here anymore. Infact, he never did. So.. don't call my cellphone looking for him please.

He is the Travelin' Man from what I understand and I don't understand much but he ain't here and never has been.

So.. don't call me lookin for Edwin
or Ed
or Eduouardo
or Eddie
or Edward
or Eddy
or Ted
or Ned
or Fred
or anything else that rhymes with Ed.

This is My Town ...
Not your town.

So, you'll go home now.. go back to wherever you came from.

Not interested in info for E.D. disease.. wrong sex, wrong person.

I am trying to concentrate on weather these days, or most days and an occaisional attempt at work, writing, housecleaning, researching for my novel, communicating with people I know and see every day.

Hope you're well. Sorry you have such issues in life. But, I'm not Ed's wife, I am not in Ed's life and I do NOT welcome not so gentle reminders of my life long, long, long time ago.

So... find a ballgame, find a hobby, find a life, find a smile, find some joy... stop annoying me.


Cause this is my world.. and I'm not getting off the planet or going underground and hiding no more.

Love Bobbi

not Mary, not Shari, not even Carrie :P

go on... move along, go back to whatever rock you came from ..

Live well.. be happy... sunshine and gumdrops and happiness always.


Back to the Weather

Notice there were severe twisters in Texas going whoosh and whirl and spinning around in circles doing great, tragic devastation and bringing a way too high death toll.

Watch the Water Vapor Loop if you need distractions and your lava lamp is broken... notice that showers are landing on the eastern coast of South America and it makes me wonder watching the loop if we are going to have a REAL Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season this year?

sorry about the unisys thing but well.. what do i know, i just like the loop...

here's another for weather lovers who like to feel they are on top of the world and wondered it would be like to be Lex Luthor trying to control the weather.. which by the way China is trying to do to get a sunny day for the upcomming Olympics.. you see, Lex knew what he was doing..
notice the color off of Africa.. not an illusion, water temps are high... and even though it's not July there is a IntertropicalConvergenceZone out there ;)

Something to think of that is something to be worried on..

Bobbi <---------------


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