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Monday, April 30, 2007

Ocean Currents VS CO2??

Okay, here's the link to the weather article of the morning:

Dr. Gray is also quoted in saying that things should turn around in the next five years and reverse themselves.

I don't know. I'm trying to be as green as I can be without looking like a lepracahn ;) lol but hmmmmnnnn, I just don't know.

Truth is though.. do any of us know?

Can anyone predict if a massive volcano is going to open up somewhere and change the current air patterns? Did anyone predict that massive El Nino in 1997 or even the one that came on last year and swallowed the 2007 hurricane season whole like a hungry snake let out of his hole?

So... either you are a tropical weather person or you ain't... either way, something to think on and you know I just love to think... stare, think..

Otherwise.. Stephanie Miller and gang on MSNBC this morning is cute, very sassy, witty, interesting to listen to but then again I'm not a dyed in the wool liberal nor am I a knee jerk conservative.. just watching.

I also like Bill Miller, the native american musical artist... listening to some of his songs online yesterday. He is awesome. Had a few CDs at the old library I worked at of his under "ethnic music" (don't you love it..) but someone ripped them off which is.. usually a sign he is hard to find and good.

Note: FIU players Barnes and Williams were both picked up in the draft. Quite proud of their budding football program that will soon get more attention for football than the big famous brawl on field. Good going FIU.. Everyone here was really excited about Barnes in particular getting picked.

Lastly, speaking of a Williams... last night Hurricane City broadcast by Jim Williams was really good. He interviewed the famous storm chaser Jim Leonard. They were both great to listen to... it will be archived I believe soon on Very worth listening to if you love tropical weather as much as Jim Williams, Jim Leonard, William Gray, Neil Frank... etc etc and little ole me :)

Have a good day, wow..someone just mentioned florida and hurricanes on Stephanie Miller lol. One of those days...


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