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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Killing Season - Mid April

Something About April if you ask me... it's a beautiful month, the little daffodils push up through the snow or the cold, hard ground and tulips appear ... birds come out, make little nests, little birdies chirp like there is no tomorrow waking us up too early reminding us that it is Spring.

Late season cold front's march across the map, melodramatically mixing up warm weather with severe weather as cold artic air keeps trying to work it's way down south and hold off summer. Hot days, cold days, humid days, thunderstorm days, cold front. Winds come in off the Atlantic and Miami has beautiful onshore breezes, then the winds shift to the south...warmer... southwest from the Glades... hotter, humid, claustrophobically hot and then out of the west as one more "last cold front of the season" rushes in with cool Northwest winds...and then we do it all again and start over as the winds spin round the Compass Rose. Northers they used to call them in Key West in Old Time Weather.

Should be a nice time of year.. all that young love, younger than springtime, baseball and bluebirds.. but somehow every April brings us some new historic event of killings... murder, terrorism, school killings... the list is long .. to name just a few

Columbine April 20
Oklahoma City Bombing April 19
Waco-Branch Davidians April 19

Now Virginia Tech.. a school that should be known for academic excellence and an awesome football team will now be synonomus with murder by a crazy young writer whose artistic outlet did not provide the proper release for his pent up fantasies and desire to kill. He couldn't just write a great trilogy or screenplay. Nope he had to blow away innocent lives in some Springtime Slaughter that will brand a generation of kid's memories and spark parental fears about having to trust a college to provide proper safety for our children's lives.

Listen.. truth is as the old saying goes... Shit Happens to put it bluntly. Gainesville had it's hour of tragic fame years back when it took quite a while to stop a serial killer. Dallas had to live down a generation of American's thinking of JFK everytime they heard the name of the city Dallas. 911 will always remind us of the Twin Towers going down in a cloud of dust that obliterated the Manhattan Skyline live on CNN before our eyes.

And, as the saying goes... Life Goes On...

Blame it on too many birds chirping, a frustrated-demeted person lashing out at the world, blame it on the old Aries Moon... but somehow Mid April always seems to be the Killing Season...when America sits around mourning the loss of young lives on the morning news, nighttime news, 24 hour a day news...

I don't know about you but I prefer the Hurricane Season.. somehow it's easier to blame powers beyond our control like the weather for a tragedy than the fact that we can't protect ourselves and our loved ones from someone going postal and taking out anyone unlucky enough to be near him when it happens.

Yes.. life does go on. Well, not always. My father died three years ago today after a quite nice life at a some what ripe old age though a daughter always thinks it could have been riper and a little longer... but he was the first to teach me the old saying "that's the way the cookie crumbles" or as they say .. thats just the way it goes... A good man, a libra who didn't fair too well with the good old Aries full moon though I think it was other things that actually got him... but they all say timing is everything. Well he did... he was a sports fan.

Personally... I always preferred May to April.

Nice month, don't get me wrong.. lot's of wonderful people born in April and a lot of very pretty girls named April I am sure.. there was April Dancer of course :) but just seems to me that somehow it's Killing Season somewhere so often.. at least it was this year.

Very sad, so close to summer ... so many lives lost, so many dreams broken.

I had to share so now I have done that.. this little writer is going to take herself into the shower, rinse herself off, find her heels, get some clothes on, grab her purse and notebook and run out the door to carpool with Sharon down to Miami Beach. Life may go on but there is no reason not to enjoy every moment of it and give thanks for the beautiful sunrise, the bright sunshine and those incessant birds chirping away outside.

See ya later.. Bobbi
Bring on May


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