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Friday, April 20, 2007

I Love Being A Miami Girl!

I love being a Miami Girl!

I really, really love being a Miami Girl :)

Not that I couldn't move to Key West or Nantucket but wherever I would go I would take the Miami Girl with me.

We dance to a different beat down here in Miami. A little bit salsa, a little bit rock n roll, a little bit Reggae and a whole lot of KISS FM Country.

We are a little bit Floridian.. a little bit Latino, a bit of a southern belle and add in Island Black for good measure. There is great multiplicity of humanity here in Miami and the more you mix and shake the better the cocktail tastes.

We come alive after a good cafecito which is better than the way Starbucks smells and that is saying a whole lot seeing as I just love the way Starbucks smells, feels. Why sometimes.. I just go into a Starbucks to breathe deeply and inhale! Jewish Miami Girls put babaganush and guacamole on their Friday night Challah. It's a delight for the senses... the way it tastes on your tongue.

That's who we are.. a little bit of this.. a little bit of that, taking the best and leaving the rest with an "I can be who I want to be damnit so mind your own business and don't try to understand me attitude!"

We are a mishkabbable mix of cultures and interests. We worry on saving the Manatee more so than the whale mind you.

We wear stiletto slides or Candy Platforms in delicious tropical colors or we run barefoot around the house in December ..even when the Cuban Tile floor is freezing we just love walking barefoot. Khaki or Jeans, Suits to work or sushi at lunch, mangoes and papaya cut up in our Berry Salad Delight from Wild Oats.

Miami is Palm Trees and Parrots flying around from tree to tree squawking noisy and wearing way too much green. Alligators in our backyard canals and on the football field. We are Canes fans and Gators fans all at once.. everyone has a parent or ex-boyfriend who used to be on one of the teams once upon the time in their family history!

Miami is music! Miami is color! Miami is warm sunshine and freezing cold air conditioned offices. Our tourists get sick just from the constant change of weather from going to the beach into the ice cold Walgreens. We keep sweaters just to wear to work and take them off and go for a walk on Lincoln Road to remember we live in the tropics.

Blue skies, incredibly soulful Spanish men, cute Israelis who think this is the next best thing to Tel Aviv and your most adorable redneck guys driving pick up trucks.

Somewhere in Miami there is a plain old American I am sure... maybe down around Krome Avenue or the last Anglo to leave Hialeah holed up in his two room 1940s cottage but personally I like Miami just the way it is... a mix of music, Epicurean delights, moon lit magical nights and all the Latin, Southern, Island ethnicity's mixing around to give us our special unique qualities.

Do you know what music from Haiti sounds like? I do... sounds like an old bluesy french cafe sound mixed with an island sound mixed with a... well... you'll just have to trust me unless you plan to take a cruise down to the Islands... there's even a drop of accordion or polka in there.. hard to explain, hard to define..

A lot like Miami Girls!

Have a good shabbos to my special friend, yeah I'm writing these days... a little, here and there, waking up and coming out of my cocoon. I colored a mandala last night, very relaxing. Making Chicken and Yellow Rice for dinner.. the family special!

Oh... and Manny Ramirez hit a homerun yesterday... Go Red Sox! (I'm a Miami girl.. we can root for whatever baseball team we want.. as long as we love the Fins Forver in Football!)


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