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Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th, Remembering Hurricane Charley..

So... in honor of today being Friday the 13th I am dedicating today's blog to infamous Friday the 13th Hurricanes. Over time there have been many, but the most recent terrifying hurricane was Charley that came ashore in Florida in 2004. A scarier track was rarely seen and well predicted far out... if I had lived in SW Florida I would have been terrified!!
Great graphic that Jim put up to remind us on Hurricane City how far out the NHC called that landfall.

Surprisingly, there really haven't been all that many horrible hurricanes on Friday the 13th in recent years though I am sure over time a few trashed Jamaica or Haiti in those more distant hurricane years. I am sure some tracker with time on his hands will find a few more than I could while on a coffee break this morning at work. The internet is such a wonderful playground for us hurricane history types..

The good news for hurricane lovers is that with the coming of Global Warming and the possibly higher number of hurricanes to hit landfall in various months of the year you can look towards 2009 which has three.. count em 3 Friday the 13ths when a hurricane could scare the tropical daylights out of you.. why not, could happen...

This year we get our next big shot in July when there will be a chance for some scary storm like Beryl to form and wipe away Bermuda or the Bahamas... remember, you heard it here first.

2008 gives us a shot at June 13th..

nice track :) shot

Of course in 1997 Hurricane Bill was slowly dying his last gasp somewhere out around Nova Scotia on Friday, July 13th while dear little Tropical Claudette spun up not so terribly far away in the Atlantic from the same frontal boundary that spewed forth Bill. 1997 was like that.. a lot of wierd little Atlantic systems off the coast of the Carolinas.

read more:
(was a great board...)

And lastly... on Friday the 13th in the year 2006 the Carolina Hurricanes thrashed the Atlanta Thrashers. But, alas.. that's hockey not hurricanes but it did happen on a Friday the 13th and both are great to look at.. hockey players and hurricanes ;)

So... to all my friends out there who I haven't forgotten... I wish you a good shabbos and a big BOO! from Bobbi Boo



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