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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day, Hurricanes and The Red Sox

Enjoy this blog today dedicated to Earth Day, Hurricanes and the Redsoxoxoxoxo ;)
No Virginia... today is not dedicated to the Titanic...
Rolling eyes... for those of you climatologically impaired.. it's Earth Day!

You might play this song in the background while reading my blog.. because bottom line is.. it is true. Love Can Build Anything from my friend EarthMan Lanny Smith. Great site, great music, great goal.. educate the world's children (and their parents and friends) about our environment. Can't think of a better site to use today on Earth Day. Can't think of a better person than Lanny who is one of my heroes on Planet Earth. <---great song to listen to <--- his new project <--special for teachers and preachers and people too!

So.... looks like April is the time for weather guys and gals to get out and about and talk about the 2007 Hurricane Season soon to be available on a coastline near you! Yup... they talk, they discuss, they have a few drinks and relax in the sun. Hey, I'm not complaining.. I got my fun in the sun and a delicious, liquid hurricane too a few weeks back and I'm still smiling remembering the intense hurricane discussion we had and the research that went on at my own private hurricane retreat down in the Keys. I may smile through December even if I am a little preoccupied come May or June of 2007. Analog Years 1964 and did that get my attention while reading Dr. Gray's report...which you can read below or watch slide by..

Anyways, nice that they all got to get away a little while for some rest and relaxation, promotion and PR for hurricane awareness as the season begins to bear down on us as we pass the mid-point of April and try to remember how many early May systems developed in the Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico. No..this is not a test but it's getting to be that time of year and the hurricane guys and gals are out there in front of the media and about talking Canes.

Cayman Islands Hurricane Hunters get to enjoy the fun and the sun before their 2007 tour of duty begins!

Bahamas Something to talk about besides the paternity hearings on the paper previously known as Howard K. Stern's baby that we KNEW was Larry Birkhead's baby (duh) who will one day be allowed to leave the Bahamas when they get done squeezing all the PR mileage out of her mother's death that they can. No.. not being mean, just practical... Anna Nicole's gravesite is going to be one big money maker/tourist attraction for the Bahamas. The weather conference gets them in the headlines too every year. Atlantis, how nice... the resort of course not the island that went kerplunk....

Heard there was much discussion about global warming and the insurance industry over there in the Bahamas. Going to hear more details sooner or later but that's the name of the game. As someone who hates the way people pollute Planet Earth I think any publicity is better than no publicity and the more we talk about it.. the more we are likely to be focused on solutions and discovering what really will or won't happen as global warming heats up the environment. What we need is research, what we need is clear headed thinking and not sound bites or people trying to sell their book or their movie but real money spent on researching what we can do today to make a difference tomorrow in the world we are leaving our children, grandchildren and cocker spaniels! Seriously, money needs to be spent, papers written in peer reviewed journals, small steps by the average person to make our way too big carbon footprints a little bit smaller... to appreciate the beauty of nature and not to destroy it or obliterate it with buildings built over every drop of beachfront land or chipping away at the Greenline and paving over the Everglades as we bridge the gap of green space between Naples and Ft. Lauderdale subdivision by subdivision. What used to take an hour or more gets faster and faster til you forget what it used to be like... now the part of the trip cross the state where you don't see anything but the River of Grass is about 30 minutes.

Anyways.... here are some links
For those of you still holding on to your poly foam cups and tossing beer cans into the creek this Bud's for You...Just in case you think Earth Day is a new CD by Green Day or a music festival.. you'll enjoy this article. Dr. Gray is cute, by the way, quite a character, fun to listen to, tall too.. almost stepped on his toes while trying to give Dr. Burpee room to breathe at a hurricane conference last May in Miami. He laughs funny too, especially when he looks down amused at a short little weather girl in high heels that misses his toesy. But... though I have often said that I don't like Kerry Emmanuel's constant screaming "chicken little" to sell his books this is one thing I really do agree with Kerry Emmanuel on... there is a whole lot more hot air on planet earth since the Global Warming Debate began than there was before Al Gore made that movie :) Not saying I disagree with GW I'm just asking which theory is the right one? Will canes become stronger or will we have less canes due to higher chances of stronger wind shear from the same global warming that is supposed to make Category Six Hypercanes? I mean which is it? Inquiring minds want to know, at least mine does. It's a brand new world out there developing everyday before our eyes and not sure anyone has a handle or an angle on what will or won't happen as a result of Global Warming. Maybe if we worried a lot less about Global Warming and worked a lot harder on not personally polluting our planet we could let the big scientists get some real work done on trying to figure it out. Then again.. research takes money and we don't have a lot of money for the good guys down at Virginia Key at the Hurricane Research Division because we are spending most of it in Iraq these days redecorating planet earth over there.....I guess we all have our priorities and GW's priority is not GW ... (It's my blog I can say whatever I want, get your own blog and tell it like you think it is.)

Either way if you have time and are curious you can watch Dr. Gray and the one day soon to be Dr. Phil of the metrological world tell it like it is themselves in a power point presentation.

"Kerry Emanuel, an MIT professor who had feuded with Gray over global warming, said Gray has wrongly "dug (his) heels in" even though there is ample evidence that the world is getting hotter." <-- love that line in the article from newsmax.

THAT SLIDE SHOW THINGIE IS SOOOO COOL... if I am not online this week writing here or on my novel or to my kids it will be because I am replaying it at work over and over until I get to know it intimately and understand it 100% <---- CLICK THIS ONE(awww... something wonderful about Colorado State weather guys... the tall one by the way is Dr. Gray usually.. you know in the middle probably... I'm sure KE is very nice too, never met him, promise not to step on his toes if I can help it... sure have read a whole bunch of his books though in the kid's room at the library.. in fact... I ordered a whole bunch of his books for the library, he sure writes a lot on weather! KE haha. that's funny, sorry.. personal joke only Sammy or Ron would get... anyways...............)

So here you go... the usual suspects on Earth Day
Gray and Klotzbach

All this being said... remember three things today if you will please
1) Don't Pollute, pick up the trash from the ground you just threw there and walk it over to the garbage can. My friends do.. I do, you can too! We are in this sandbox together.

2) These are the real heroes of the hurricane community:

3) I love David Ortiz. He is so cute. I love the way he stares into the camera when he is about to blow one out of the park.. he is so cool, such a good guy. Good heart, good man, great slugger. blow one out of the park baseball players! Manny Ramirez is adorable and I'm beginning to really love Coco Crips but at this moment my heart belongs to the Big Papi!!

PS.... LYRICS to Love Can Build Anything:

Love can build anything. Sometimes in life a strong wind blows that can turn your world upside down. So many tears, so many fears. When will we be on safer ground? There's only one power. Hammer in hand. There's only one answer the heart understands Love can build anything.

It's the hope after the fall Love can build anything. Only love will build it all. Love is stronger than a hurricane. It can calm the stormy seas. Love is strong enough to heal the pain and finally, finally bring us peace.

There's only one power. Hammer in hand. There's only one answer the heart understands Love can build anything. It's the hope after the fall Love can build anything.

Only love will build it all.

Build your dreams. Build your home. Build your faith. You're not alone. Plant a seed. Hand in hand we can build the Promised Land.

Love can build anything.

It's the hope after the fall Love can build anything. Only love will build it all.

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Pps.. Happy Birthday and God Bless Lanny/EarthMan


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