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Sunday, April 15, 2007

And Yet ANOTHER.. Last Cold Front of the Season

Beautiful, gray, blustery day here in Miami as yet another "last cold front of the season" slices down the state. Fresh air, beautiful fresh air and less humidity.

Went to the RV show today with my son and brother and his son, sort of attempt at a family event I suppose. I could live in one. Easily, as long as I had my little space to rest, write and look outside and view the weather.

Either way... in a mood, blue mood, gray mood... spacey mood...

My father died 3 years ago. Still hasn't sunk in... not really, hasn't settled anywhere or I am just in denial or numb or too pragmatic to flip out on this.. more than think on it, reflect. I'm probably in denial but not so much about his death as my life.

Little test here.. either it works or it doesn't. Was looking for a Janis version but this is way easier to swallow and actually enjoy. Waylon singing the song.

Waylon Jennings - Me And Bobby Mcgee

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God Bless Country. It never fails me.


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