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Thursday, March 01, 2007

March 1st

Well, well, well.

Suppose I should post right? Well, you know what Yaffa says about "should" ...

Fine, fine, fine... as Fishing would say....

March is fine! Well, in Florida March is fine.. in Iowa its Icy and in Philly it's freezin' but in Florida it is Fine, Fine, Fine!

Blue skies, birds chirping away, a bit warm and humid though I heard rumor of a front coming through again later this weekend.

Purim is around the corner. Today is a fast day. Shabbos runs into Purim.
Should be a party weekend. Ooops.. my bad. Shabbos will be a party weekend.

A lot going on in my mind, in life.. all good.

Nice link someone sent me who has a heart of gold

Enjoy... may their heart keep beating forever and ever..

Wonder how Vendyl Jones is these days... should tell to send them some Shalach Monis.
Will tell them to send them some Shalach Monis lol.

I'm doing purple this year for Purim.

Nice breeze out of the east.

Winter is still far away it seems. Someone shoot the little groundhog.

Subtropical Jet in control still out of the Pacific... whoosh, whoosh, windy, wet weather for winter into spring.. watch out for Twisters.

Listened to Deprece Mode yesterday a long time.. if I spelled that right. A good friend gave me a long ride and I just closed my eyes and enjoyed. Then ended the evening listening to some Blues and going to sleep.

Pre-Spring, hang loose, relax and enjoy what's left of the winter mode.

Two weeks til New York and Chicago...

Please, please weather cooperate and let me eat Blue Chips on Jet Blue with no problems or I will get on a Greyhound and write my way to Chicago.

And, somewhere RedSox players are doing Spring Training while Stephen with his beedy little eyes (giggling, sorry, my bad) is squinting, staring wondering if this will be the year while Yaffa sends inspirational messages.

March 1st.. Batter Up!
Comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb? Wasn't that the old saying.

Had Lamb Kabobs in a Pita with a good friend yesterday and the lady on Lincoln Road in L'Occitane wrapped me up some lavendar soaps I am giving out to my best friends for Purim :)

chow for now, Bobbi


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