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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Exceptions to Rules

I'm posting today.. just cause I want to and I have something to say or share or put out there into the great cosmic divide.

Nothing more fun that sitting on a bus in the rain listening to Jimmy Buffett and Bob Marley while popping spicy tuna sushi into your mouth, tasting it sort of explode across your taste buds and watching the rain come down.

Anyone watching American Idol this season? Okay, I am ... I do sometimes just so I can keep my finger on the intellectual pulse of humanity in America in 2007. I like Blake and the back up singer who I can't remember her name and Haley can surprise sometimes. They are all good, fun and it's easier than lighting an Indian Smudge Stick to clear the vibes sometimes. So, there I was watching Peter Noone singing last night thinking again how much he looks like Peter Farrelly when he does that blonde thing he does with his hair every now and then ....when bored or something lol...

Good friends we have, good friends we lost, along the way, in this bright future you can't forget your past... lalala .....

Everything's gonna be alright... everything's gonna be alright...

chow for now, Bobbi
til my next exception to my rules...


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