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Monday, February 05, 2007

Purple Rain In Miami

Winter finally found South Florida smack dab in the middle of the Super Bowl Half Down Production. Rain came pouring down heavier than it has since the previous Hurricane Season. The possible showers were stronger than Ernesto that wandered around here with winds no where near as strong.

I live a few miles from Dolphin Stadium so as the rains grew heavier at my house we could watch it rain stronger at the stadium on TV a few minutes later.

Stood outside with Zalmy waiting for the Jets to fly over as the game started. They had a dream like look to them as they flew in perfect precision just overhead partially cloaked in the low cloud cover... red, white and blue lights on their under bellies or whatever you call the bottom of the Jet Fighters. Was cool.

So.. I suppose it is all a matter of perspective. To us it was cold, damp and chilling us down to the bone last night from the rain and wind. To people up north it was almost balmy and tropical.

I wondered what it was like in Iowa.. where temps were much colder but houses can be much warmer.

I wonder a lot these days when I am not posting and rarely online.

Working hard, loving my family, hanging a bit with my friends, going to Bais Menechem on Shabbos and the Ladies Class in the afternoon. Preparing for a Chasena (wedding) and just realized my daughter Rivky needs warm clothes for the Ski trip to Chicago before the Chasena in Chicago. Should one 15 year old be allowed to travel to Chicago twice in one month? If she doesn't see snow this winter she may as well give up .. Shabbatons and Chasenas.. lot's of travel and very little sleep.

So.. moving on with my life and only partially allowing myself to wonder and wish though not wishing on stars as stars fall to the sky in a blaze of glory and burn out bright on their way down, down, down...

Comets come and comets go.

Life goes on.

Time moves on.

But last night in Miami it rained purple rain as the light show at Dolphin Stadium lit up the sky a bit to my NW with a faint silver/lavendar hue as the rain kept pouring down.

Chof Bais Shevat is this weekend. I have a lot to think on.

Life is good. I'm good. Just a little cold. I should close my eyes and picture a fire in the fireplace burning bright, warming up the night.

A nice link to an uplifting YouTube that my son from Sameach sent me. Great song from Youtube that my son sent me to view .. can't figure out how to post it on my site but I will. I'll ask one of the kids how they do it. I no longer need computer specialists, I grew my own.

A note to any OLD friends who know me there is this site online dedicated to Rabbi Glixman who passed away last month. I haven't dealt much with it or let myself think too much but I will as this sunday is a program for the Shloshim. Suffice it to say, he made a massive difference in my life and in odd ways I feel good knowing he is up there fighting for me. He was a fighter filled with great Ahavas Yisroel. My Rabbi before I had a Rebbe, the Rabbi who brought me to the Rebbe for that matter and I owe him much. We were all called Rabbi Glixman's Kids back then growing up in Westchester.

Our children it is said are compared to fruits from our orchard and in this case I am grateful for all they add to my life. Especially Shuky who has taught me much about taking chances, jumping over obstacles and going after what he wants and needs. The seeds to my orchard were nurtured by Rabbi Glixman lovingly while he put up with my teen years and gave me wisdom in my adult years.


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