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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Still happily on hiatus or "hold" maybe. You know like when a spaceship was going to launch in the olde days and they would call a built in "hold" and say T-Minus _ _ minutes ..

Life is sort of like that.

So here I am in Miami in the absence of any real weather today other than warm and getting warmer...

Here are some questions to ponder in my absence.

Who are you?

Are you the person that you want to be deep inside?

Do you know who you want to be?

If so and you aren't.. what is stopping you from being that person?

Could you paint a picture of who you want to be or write a story describing yourself?

Now..picture that person. What is stopping you from being that person?

Who is holding you back or what and more so... are you the one holding yourself back the most?

Who or what is stopping you from being the person you want to be and leading the life you want to lead?

And, if it is YOU that is stopping you then get out of your way and be the person you want to be.

Sort of like "no excuses" and "no complaining" just as the younger generation .. a few generations back used to say "Just Do It!"

Turn the page and don't look back.


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