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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cold Front Makes It Through Into South Florida...

I just walked out of my office into the nice little palm filled garden and realized "someone put the AC on outside!"

I mean sitting here working on something and had no idea that front flew through so early in the day. Heard it was coming but well.... this winter we don't believe in fronts until we sees em :)

My mother called last night. She was worried because she heard on the news it was going to get cold down here. Down here being south of up in Northern Florida. She told me to stay home Friday morning and not go to work because I'm still gettin over a cold and it's gonna be down into the 50s Friday morning!!!

Cute... sweet... nice of her to call ..

I told her I would see how I felt Friday morning and if it was too cold I'd stay home bundled up under the warm covers and drink my chamomille tea. I didn't have the heart to tell her that about ten days ago I was in Iowa and it about zero degrees when you figured in the wind chill after that front went through that Friday night. Brrrr... Course I also didn't tell her I walked up the hill and down the road by the cemetary and around the park and was wearing my black tights with pink Victoria Secrets long pink underwear with my black PJ bottoms over the pink and .... on top of all those layers was my pretty brown skirt and my brown suede boots and the L L Bean wool lined coat and well.... we'll just let her worry on this cold front down here in South Florida.

Amazingly even though I was in such cold weather in Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesotta ... it is cold here today. Feels colder than the 60 degrees that Weather Underground says it is.. Maybe it will go down as low as the weather radio said the other day when they were talking 40s. But, if it's 60 degrees at 5pm on Miami Beach I think we might break the 50 degree mark by daybreak tomorrow.

Go figure.. weather.. don't you just love it.

Enjoy the link here... saw this in the airport in Minnesotta and had no clue they had a whole coffee company. Thought they just made coffee flavored granola bars that needed to get kosher certification.

I bought a cute big Purple Mug that said something like "Life is Short, Stay Awake For it!" :) was on sale... didn't need Kosher Certification lol.

Looking forward to Shabbos this week. Seems Levi is coming in and making Zalmy Stuffed Peppers and I'll figure it out later. Going home, getting in bed under the covers and gonna drink some Starbuck's Tea in my Caribou Coffee mug
Wondering what a winter mug is?


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