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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Writing in my sleep

Too tired to really post a post.

Tropics contain a beautiful swirling hurricane in the Atlantic and numerous other hurricanes or ............cyclones elsewhere.

Listened to Radio Margaritaville most of the day on my computer however all day the lyrics from Sting were playing in my head, over and over.. haunting lyrics, intense, moody, truthful, brutally honest and mysteriously playful.

Some other songs from a collection of non-related groups like Nine Inch Nails and Tears for Fears and some Israeli group ... all bumping back and forth in some 1970s hustle dance, and Otis Redding sitting on the dock of the bay...

Going to sleep. I was asleep but Stuart called on layover back home to the Keys and wanted to do a late dinner. Threw clothes on and ran out. Dinner with Stuart is always a lesson in something. Had Moo Shu? Chicken, like little fajitas and dipped veal slices in some sauce and I had some sweet and sour soup that was too spicy but good and I realized how far I have come in the world that now instead of debating ad talking myself out of things I just pop the lychee fruit in my mouth and let it explode in exotic ways tasting the fragrance.. good. Having some peppermint tea and going to bed again... like the spy who came in from the cold :)

Wish I could go down for Rosh Hashonnah, really do but have the kids here and family. After the holidays, after the jewish ones and before the christian ones I will.

Going off... going back to bed, hearing Sting lyrics in my head... haunting lyrics.

Haunting hurricanes. Great Caesars Ghost.

Night, Lois

I wish I had a copy of Landfall by Jimmy Buffett, hard to believe I don't but I don't think I do. 1983 Particular Harbor. So funny, always loved the song 3 Coins in the Fountain.. oldies but goldies.


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