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Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy Jewish New Year to Everyone Out There...

I owe everyone here a big L'Shana Tova and best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year. Specifically... one where your soul mate is by your side and you should both know only happiness always. IF you are too young to have a soulmate... listen to your mommy and go to bed on time :)

Seriously, I sort of disappeared for a few days. I meant to blog something but well... the tropics meant to be busy too. The UM Hurricanes meant to win and the Redsox who I watch obsessively even if I don't talk about it here no more ... meant to win as well.

You know that old saying... about wanting to win and best intentions and something about Mice and Men and walking through the hall in high school and well.. don't kill the mice this year. Flowers for Algernon was sad.

Is this making any sense?

Hey, I just fasted this minor fast day Jews have the day after Rosh Hashanah. There are lots of reasons, you can google it on or or or but it's the most practical fast of the year because it gives you a chance to cut down on calories after all those sweet treats we Jews eat to have a Sweet and Good New Year :)

I was in a crummy mood the day before the holiday. An eclipse day. A day when money you don't have runs through your finger tips like the sands in the hour glass of lol.... okay, find a better illusion here.

I was in a crummy mood. It has been a hard month. I sort of can't wait to see it go. I bet there are prettier sailboats on the October Calendar and the Provence picture is prettier.

Started off the month with what still seems to be a mystery that shook my world upside down and back again. Takes me a good few weeks to convince myself that something doesn't bother me and then I can go on like nothing happened. Nothing except something. But, hey I have been through harder things. Not many. A few. So, I can as Fishing used to say pretend that Denial is a river in Egypt somewhere and the answers are locked up as tight as the Sphinx that guards the entrance to the tomb.

So... it's a new year. Out with the old, in with the new.

Let bygones be bygones. Practice forgiveness or forgetfulness and move on.

I can see the worn, torn paperback copy rolled up and stuffed in the back of his jeans. One wonders what he sees in his head and remembers still.

Secrets locked up tight.

Eating leftovers here. Still dining (giggling) on the leftovers from the past... holiday meals. Freshly made mushroom sauce for meatballs. Do you still like mushrooms on your pizza I wonder? Yellow rice with sauteed mushrooms and onions. Lincoln says all Jews start all recipes with fried onions. He would know.

The girls are eating. The boys are playing some video game somewhere and I am going to go join them to watch Monday Night Football.

I'll root for the Saints. I used to like their quarterback years ago... the one who played for UM. And, I'll give Leslie the Jewish Calendar from the Chabad of UF that they sent me... she'll appreciate it.

And... the sun will rise tomorrow, anew in the eastern sky.

A new day in an El Nino Year with no hurricanes threatening my world.

Reading Days of Awe, a book about a Cuban girl who was raised in America from distant Jewish blood. A really compelling story well written for a girl like me who forgets she is not Cuban.

And, I have a Matisyahu song stuck in my head and a Parrothead Soul.

Happy New Year! The Dolphins Won! Miracle of Miracles...

If I see anything tropical .. I'll blog but for now... I'm writing off what's left of the season. More chances of you know what happening than seeing a real hurricane in our side of the Ocean.

Be well... be happy.

Here's my math problem..

May God give you $, :) health to enjoy it and <3 Love to complete your life. Without one of those 3 parts you are only partially alive.

$ + :) + <3 = happiness

If you find someone you love... hold on tight and enjoy it!


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