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Friday, September 29, 2006

Good Shabbos Isaac and the Tropical Wave :)

Watching the Wave still and now watching Isaac.

Short post today to say that Isaac stopped behaving erratically when the NHC changed their advisories to better reflect Isaac's desired movement. Funny, but true.

Wave still there somewhere and some models are funky.

We will see.... in a day or so how funky it can be.

As for me.. I am on vacation so I will post more next week and have time to play the tropics and other things.

Shabbos is in the oven baking..

Chicken with stuffing
Carrots, Potatoes and Sweet Peas for Zalmy
Gefilte Fish, Israeli Salads, Miriam's Cole Slaw and hearts of palm.
Very good red wine. Fresh baked Challah.
Little Chocolate Rugelah for dessert and breakfast.
Coffee, tea, Fiji Water :)

And... because a little baby cool front went through I have the windows open and the breeze is blowing on my back and a little bird outside is singing.

I hope and pray life is good to all of you today, tomorrow and always...

Love Bobbi
ps.........if I did anything this year to upset someone, piss them off, frustrate them or annoy them... please forgive me. Sometimes I get pissy or reactive .. such as calling some people "crazy person" or "crazy people" (they know who they are) and well... you know I am very forgiving and sometimes pathetically even miss you when you aren't pissing me off.. So, seeing how it's going into Yom Kippur and a wonderful lady from NE ... somewhere, Oklahoma or originally Rhode Island lol now living somewhere in parts unknown.... as they .. I mean she, she taught me... to ask forgiveness ... so I am.. so officially Bobbi asks anyone I upset or hurt their feelings to this year to please forgive me.


Smiling, thank you Yaffah :)



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