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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wave is Struggling Along WestNorthWest

I noticed this afternoon that the wave is struggling along wnw through the Atlantic.

Got to give it credit.

It's a fighter.

And, as Burns always says you never ignore a wave that is fighting that hard so..

Watch the Wave...

I'll blog later. My next to last day at work here and we had a party with cheesecake and hot fudge sauce and cherry sauce and fresh cherries (you get the idea I like cherries?)

So.. I'll watch the tropics later.

Just worth mentioning.. keep your eyes on it because if it gets into an area with less shear it could develop.

Models show some development.

Bay of Campeche or more affectionally known as BOC to us trackers has some showers that look interesting enough for the Navy site to pick it up for general broadcast purposes.

Maybe.. you know me and BOC systems. Hard for me to get real excited but worth watching especially if you live on the Western side of the Gulf.

More later..


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