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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Waiting for Beryl or another day in the discussion on Global Warming

The moment there isn't anything going on in the tropics the debate begins anew.

Every day is a new debate.

Global Warming.

Theory, reality, a Cult Like movement of Doomsday Scientists or a Con to get $$$ for funding ... a Stephen King Horror movie or a plot by Lex Luthor?

Time will tell. Of course many of us will not be here to hear it sing but it will tell the tail.

Climate is weather over a long time.

If you want to call it Weather Change that's fine... we are going through a period of weather change. But, will it last ten years, twenty years or hundred years or more.

Don't know.

Maybe next year will bring a Monster El Nino and that will be the new topic on the block.

Let's see..

If we wanted to rate things on a scale or what would you REALLY worry over...

Where would you rate the Canary Islands possibly disapeering into the sea in our lifetime (possible) and causing a gigantic wave that doesn't like New York?

Or... Aids in Africa killing tens of thousands of people.. millions?

Try googling:

Aids in America
New Madrid Fault
1926 Hurricane

Or any possible disasters you could imagine that will or could occur this year, later this year or tomorrow.

Personally.. I think Global Warming is far down the list of things that will kill someone in my life time.

How to stop polluting the earth? That I could discuss endlessly.

Bringing our troops home from Iraq.. give me room.. I will write endlessly.

Truth's headlines fade away under the glare of tomorrow's headlines.

And, they fade fast.

The talk on GW won't disapeer from the message boards until we have Beryl out there or... a Cat 3 Cane on the maps.

So many theories.

Time will tell.

But, there is a lot of money being given to study global warming to scientists who are screaming about it and that money could also go to Cancer Research, Earthquake Research or Aids research... very threatening real things.

more later...

Ordered Sushi for dinner for the kids.. we are a global family at least in eating habits.

Too hot in Miami to even think about spell checking. Wearing a tank top, a long loose jean skirt and going to jump back in the water in a few hours... Yes, it is hot, hot, hot but it is also summer and if you don't like the heat.. Move to Maine!


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