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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tropical Storm Alberto

Tropical Storm Alberto formed today in the Gulf of Mexico.

A little camera shy but you can see it best on a visible satellite.

Here is a great color image of the whole area.
Note that although the colored mass of rain is far from the center it is closer to the center than it was yesterday and more defined.

The Keys are getting bands of rain, thin, dark, red bands.. vs the green mass of tropical rain that was showing up yesterday over a broader region.

Models vary though most are in agreement that it will zoom zoom over with a hard right turn to the West Coast of Florida.

Either way... which ever way it goes... you can definitely make out the center of circulation.

That would be that hole in the middle of the swirls... a minimal Tropical Storm but nothing to laugh at as it is over warm water and if the shear doesn't strengthen.. it could develop some before it hits land.

As for me.. here in rainy, quiet Miami... I'm listening to Willie sing ...

Cowboys are harder to love... great song... Mama don't let your babies grow up to cowboys... don't let them pick guitars and drive those old trucks.

Here's to the cowboys of HurricaneCity :)

NW 9
45 mph (i guessed that, really ask my friend)

He ain't wrong, he's just different...

later, Bobbi
Named Storm Day #1 and counting of the 2006 Hurricane Season..


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