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Monday, June 12, 2006

Tropical Storm Alberto Strengthens to 50 mph

Tropical Storm Alberto strengthen last night as it moved ever closer to the West Coast of Florida. Right on track with landfall (after it's brief detour) as the NHC had predicted.

This storm has been textbook, classic all the way. Classic in that it is a weak tropical storm that formed at the base of an old frontal trof.

And, it is one tough cookie. It has fought shear for most of it's life and kept on going. Got to respect a storm like that.

An old tracker taught me that. Well, he wasn't so old when he taught me that but he's a lot older now. And, I have learned from him tons .. tropically speaking.

Never turn your back on a fighter.. and Alberto is a fighter.

Planes on their way now... Alberto was not downgraded despite predictions of it's demise last night across the web and on late night weather reports. The wind speeds are up... he has concentrated a lot of his rain and I would say that like a good full back trying to jump over the line and get into the endzone.. just before landfall he will tuck his head down and go in and across the endzone with one big wet wallop.

Rule to remember in the tropics.. never turn your back on a fighter system.

Waiting for the data from the planes but watching Alberto spin. And, that blow up of convection in the SW corner was one of the keys to it's strengthening.

As for me.. I am a girl in search of Cuban Coffee this morning.

Going to work..


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